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5 Marketing Tips for Summer Jul 12, 2018 »

Summer can be an excellent time for florists; or, it can be an extremely slow time for florists. If you are a florist who has a lot of weddings booked, then you probably aren't going to see any downtime. However, you may have only one or two lined up. So, what can you do to help increase sales during the summer when there aren't many holidays? Here are some blazing marketing tips to help you out!

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What are Instagram Stories? Jun 15, 2018 »

If you have been using Instagram in the past year, you will have noticed that they have added a feature to their platform known as Instagram Stories or Instastories. This is Instagram's version of Snapchat that they are using to pull in the younger generation that loves Snapchat. The great thing about Instastories is that they have added so many new great features, but it's easy to get lost in what the nine different features do. Before we take a look at what each feature of Instastories does,…

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Instagram 101 Jun 01, 2018 »

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media network that uses photos and videos to interact with others. It is mobile based which means you can only post to your Instagram account from the app on a smartphone or tablet. However, you can view Instagram accounts on a desktop computer.

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Following Up with Customers Feb 23, 2018 »

Delivery confirmations are a courtesy to other florists and website customers, but aside from the obvious benefits, delivery confirmations can be a powerful networking tool and boost order volume!

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Tips for Sending & Receiving Jan 19, 2018 »

Customer experience is an important piece of every business. As florists, you want to ensure that your customer has a wonderful floral experience, even when you might not be the florist that actually delivers the order. To help florists give the best to their customers, we have some tips for sending and receiving wire orders.

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