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Following Up with Customers Feb 23, 2018 »

Delivery confirmations are a courtesy to other florists and website customers, but aside from the obvious benefits, delivery confirmations can be a powerful networking tool and boost order volume!

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Tips for Sending & Receiving Jan 19, 2018 »

Customer experience is an important piece of every business. As florists, you want to ensure that your customer has a wonderful floral experience, even when you might not be the florist that actually delivers the order. To help florists give the best to their customers, we have some tips for sending and receiving wire orders.

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Mother's Day Tips Apr 28, 2017 »

Mix It Up This Mother's Day

Mother's Day is almost here! Time to make last minute preparations and design decisions. Have you found yourself creating the same designs year after year? Or always using that same basket or vase? Mix it up this Mother's Day and give your customers a design even the most finicky mother would be proud of!


Carnations and roses are the flowers most commonly found in Mother's Day arrangements. Why not change that up by creating arrangements with orchids,…

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Get Social! Apr 21, 2017 »

Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

It's no secret that social media is an integral part of any marketing plan, no matter what business you work in. For florists, social media can be used to an even larger advantage because your business is all about visuals.

Create Captivating Captions

Beautiful photos and videos are important, but so are the captions that go with them. Think of the picture or video as your attention getter, then you use your caption to reel them in. The tricky part…

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Marketing to Millennials Apr 14, 2017 »

(For Florists)

Millennials are difficult to reach. Florists in particular have had a tough time reaching this demographic. The Floral Marketing Research Fund has been doing consumer research to help florists overcome some of these difficulties. Here are some of the ways they have found that may help you out in your marketing efforts.

Millennials Need Reminders

Flowers aren't always the first gift idea to come to Millennials' minds. Include different gift ideas using flowers in your…

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