automatic reminders

Tools to keep in contact with your customers.

Review Requests

Exclusively for members with FSN websites.

Sender Review Requests

Feedback Requests are a great branding tool and encourage your customer to leave a review (testimonial) about their flower buying experience.

Recipient Review Requests

Just days after an arrangement is delivered, the recipient will receive a Review Request via email. These encourage reviews, give flower care tips, ask if they need to send an arrangement.

Impulse Shopping

All feedback requests include flower arrangements from your website. Customers can order with just one click - from their computer or smartphones!

Match Your Style

Feedback requests and reminders are branded to represent your flower shop with its specific style, colors and information.

Flower Care Tips

Recipient Feedback Requests also include general flower care tips to help customer's flower arrangement stay fresher, longer.

Smart Reminders

Exclusively for members with FSN websites.

Annual Smart Reminders

Smart reminders are sent annually to customers who have previously sent flowers through your FSN website.

Only Recurring Occasions

Your website customers will receive smart reminders only for recurring occasions when they've previously sent flowers, such as a birthday or anniversary.

Encourage Repeat Business

Smart reminders are automatic marketing used to encourage repeat business from your customers automatically.

Sent From Your Shop

All emails are branded to use your shop's information and link directly to your website.