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Brick & Mortar + E-Commerce

Brick & Mortar + E-Commerce

A lot of people today believe that e-commerce is going to be the end of brick & mortar stores. That's not really the case. Consumers love the convenience of ordering online, but that doesn't mean that it isn't important to have a physical location that customers can come to. In the floral industry, it's especially important to have both!

For florists, of course, it is necessary to have a physical location in order to create arrangements. But it is also essential to make ordering flowers as easy as possible for customers. Many customers today would choose to place an order online over placing one in person or over the phone. Convenience is key. In today’s market, you want to make sure you’re staying relevant in a changing industry. Offering a way to order online may even give your shop a leg up on local competitors.

Watch your business grow with an e-commerce website. By being online, you’ll be exposed to many new customers, in addition to keeping those that are already familiar with your shop. Your customers will be able to shop 24/7, even when your brick & mortar store is closed for the day. That means more opportunities for your shop to make sales!

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