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How the Power of Positivity Can Help Your Business

How the Power of Positivity Can Help Your Business

What's your New Year's resolution? Did you make one? Most people begin the new year by saying they are going to reinvent themselves. You always hear the same, "New year, new me!" Sadly, many folks don't stick with this resolution, and quickly fall into old habits.

How does this apply to your flower shop? It's easy. There are probably some habits in your shop that may not be the best for your business, yet in the past when you've tried to make positive changes, you gradually see the negative slip back in.

This year we would like to challenge you to create a "new you" within your shop. Don't think of this as a major lifestyle or business overhaul. There are small changes that can be made to create a more positive environment in your shop, and this will translate into better business, and a more positive life in general. Here are a few tips to help you give your positivity a pep talk, and launch your shop into a wonderful new year!

Recognize Your Colleagues and Employees

We all feel a little better when someone takes the time to recognize our hard work. Try recognizing your employees and colleagues when they perform well. This will help improve the work environment, and encourage them to perform at a high level.

Live in the Present

It is easy to think of the past when things haven't worked out quite as planned, and it is even easier to think of the future and become stressed. While planning is necessary to run your business, don't let the stress of a busy holiday in the future overwhelm you right now.

Appreciate the Small Things

There are going to be bad days. Sometimes you have to take a minute to stop and breathe, and remind yourself that you are doing what you love: Sharing the joy of beautiful flowers with the world!

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