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Mother's Day Preparation
mother's day prep

Preparing Your Shop For Mother's Day

It may seem early, but Mother's Day will be here before you know it. If you haven't already began prepping your shop for the busy holiday, now is the time to start. Here are a few tips we feel can help you stay on top during Mother's Day.

Train Your Staff

Making sure your staff is properly trained will help the hectic days leadig up to Mother's Day go a lot more smoothly. If you plan to hire extra staff, bring them on now if you are able. This will give them plenty of time to get the basics under their belts. You can also create "cheat sheets" containing pricing, sales tips, and more.

Create "Grab and Go" Arrangements

Take some of your most popular flowers and create "Grab and Go" arrangements to keep in the cooler during the week of Mother's Day. If yo plan these out now, you can create two or three arrangements that are cost friendly for you and beautiful for the customer.

Stick to Your Pricing

Remember, you are creating quality arrangements. You deserve a fair price for your time. Create a price list for the holiday and stick to it. Your work will speak for itself.

As florists, you have the ability to bring beauty to life with the creations you design. You send out a little slice of nature with each arrangment that leaves your store. Remember these this Mother's Day and think of all the joy you are helping to bring into people's lives.


Kelley Hicks wrote on April 3, 2017 6:57 am

Thanks for the reminders.Love Mothers Day . Getting to see all the smiles of everyone on the receiving end. Fresh Flowers make everyone smile.

Mehmuda wrote on April 12, 2017 4:41 pm


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