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Valentine's Day tips

Tips for a Successful Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and with it comes an increase in floral sales. This holiday is normally a very busy and successful time, but this year it's trending to be even bigger. Check out these tips and suggestions to help make your Valentine's Day easier and more successful!

Scale Back

One of the biggest obstacles that florists will face for Valentine's Day is the supply chain issue. Because of COVID-19, trends have shown that the supply chain could be affected for up to 2 years, meaning that there is a limit to the type of flowers you have access to. To combat this, scale back the number of arrangements you promote/provide during the holiday and what flowers are in these arrangements.

Talk with your wholesaler and double-check what flowers are going to be most available to you during this time frame. Once you've determined your flower options, meet with your staff, and do a trial run of arrangements. Come up with a few different designs that are easy and quick to assemble. Update your website with the arrangements you decide on, as well as a designer's choice product if you choose. This will help your team work more efficiently and profitably during busy times and allow your customers to still receive beautifully designed arrangements.

Update Your Pricing

Flower prices are going up everywhere and they differ for different areas. Make sure that the prices of your arrangements are reflecting the cost of flowers in your area. Don't overprice, but don't short change yourself.


Most shops are working with minimal staff due to COVID restrictions. This is why it's critical to utilize every staff member you have. Start training your staff in different areas than where they normally work. This will go a long way in giving you access to additional help in different areas as needed for the busy holiday time.

Prepare for the Last-Minute Shopper

Have your staff make some premade bouquets and set them at a certain price for in-store pickup only. This will ensure that you have something readily available for the last-minute shoppers that come in during the busiest moments. It also allows your designers to continue to focus on the already existing orders without having to add more.

Create a Set-Up

Print out some blank order forms and place them by the phone or register. This will help eliminate time and confusion for your staff when taking an order over the phone. It also helps ensure that you get all the information you need for the order and creates a reference for the designers.

Valentine's Day is always busy and can be chaotic, but try a few of the tips above and see how they help your shop!


Gina Lopez wrote on January 28, 2021 4:48 pm

Green up lots of vases ahead of time so inserting flowers are easy and fast. Strip all roses prior Valentine's weekend.

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