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Valentine's Day tips

Tips for a Successful Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and with it comes an increase in floral sales. This holiday is typically a very busy and successful time, but this year it's trending to be even bigger. Check out these tips and suggestions to help make your Valentine's Day easier and more successful!

Scale Back

Numerous industries are still facing supply chain issues from COVID-19, and the floral industry is no different. To combat this, scale back the number of arrangements you promote/provide during the holiday and what flowers are in these arrangements. Talk with your wholesaler and double-check what flowers will be most available to you during this time. Once you've determined your flower options, meet with your staff, and do a trial run of arrangements. Come up with a few different designs that are easy and quick to assemble. This will make your staff and the process more efficient while still providing beautifully designed arrangements to your customers. 

Update Your Website

Ensure your website is updated with the arrangements you decide to provide during Valentine's Day. Utilize a designer's choice product option as well. We have a wide array of beautiful designer's choice products available in the product library in F2F

Maximize Revenue

Double-check your add-ons! Valentine's Day is a big add-on holiday. Ask yourself, "What do I have in stock that can be easily sold online?" With up to 9 customizable add-ons, you can showcase the special things your shop offers and maximize your revenue while minimizing consumer questions. Learn how.

Prepare for the Helium Shortage

Shortages have led to skyrocketing helium prices, meaning many shops are not carrying balloons this Valentine's Day. If you are sending an order to another area, please consider not including mylar balloons or providing a second choice.

Prepare for the Last-Minute Shopper

Have your staff make premade bouquets and set them at a certain price for in-store pickup only. This will ensure that you have something readily available for the last-minute shoppers that come in during the busiest moments. It also allows your designers to continue to focus on the already existing orders without having to add more.

Create a Set-Up

Print out blank order forms and place them by the phone or register. This will help eliminate time and confusion for your staff when taking an order over the phone. It also helps ensure you get all the information you need for the order and creates a reference for the designers.

Valentine's Day is always busy and can be chaotic, but try a few of the tips above and see how they help your shop!


Gina Lopez wrote on January 28, 2021 4:48 pm

Green up lots of vases ahead of time so inserting flowers are easy and fast. Strip all roses prior Valentine's weekend.

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