website add-ons

More Options for Your Checkout.

Multiply your success with our two custom add-on options! Free with your FSN website, you can highlight the unique products you offer and entice your customers to add some last-minute items to their floral order with our add-on options.

Showcase Unique Products

With up to 9 customizable add-ons, you can showcase the additional fun and special things your shop has to offer.

Make It Your Own

From names to photos to descriptions and more, you can personalize each add-on to reflect your shop’s inventory. Run out of something? You can turn the add-on off or on with ease.

Control Your Prices

Easily edit your add-on price points for three different buying options (i.e. standard, deluxe, premium).

Give it Personalization

From ribbons to necklaces to t-shirts and more, you can allow your customers to add a personalized message, letter, or initials to the add-on with the simple click of a button.

Standard Add-ons

Available for all the products listed on your site, you can feature your best-selling and most popular items like candles, plush animals, latex balloons, or candy.

Sympathy Add-ons

Shown only on your sympathy products, you can feature the special memorial products you offer, including angels, wind chimes, or cemetery stones.

Take advantage of this awesome opportunity and feature those amazing gift and sympathy add-ons!