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I am very happy and satisfy to be part of Flower Shop Network, I have tried other wire services, and there is no other better than Flower Shop Network. I love it!!!
Words cannot express the gratitude and kindness I have for Kyle with Walk Hill florist in Boston. He took his time to explain how the arrangement would look and went above and beyond to create the most beautiful floral display for my beloved Tia Coca who passed away recently...R.I.P. Thank you so much Kyle!!!
Flower Shop Network is one of the staples in the floral industry that holds steady consistent customer service & friendly people on the other end of the phone who actually help you without taking more & more money every year!
I own Black Iris Florist In Virginia Beach!
Thank you guys for all you do!
Best decision I/we made.
Love this company! Very helpful staff.
We love Flower Shop Netowrk! We receive so many compliments on our website: ease of use, professional appearance, floral selection, and more! We have been a member since they started, many years ago, and have been invited to transfer our membership elsewhere...It will not happen. Staff is friendly, will help with problem solving (usually on our end as we are only somewhat computer savvy), and the service is cost effective. Contact me with questions. Joan Prange, Prange's Florist, Gainesville FL.
should have dropped FTD years ago.. what a rip-off they are not to mention the ridiculous high membership fees..
We love FSN - they are great!
We've tried ALL the other wire services, and FSN is the only one that we're still using and will continue to use. I agree with other reviewers who say this is the only wire service you can actually make money with. There are no hidden fees, what they tell you is the truth! Love the system, problems are few and far between! We don't even have time to do anything with our website, it's all on FSN to take care of it, and boy do they. It makes us more money than it costs, so it's definitely worth it. Love FSN!
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