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PAULA in Baker city, OR *****
should have dropped FTD years ago.. what a rip-off they are not to mention the ridiculous high membership fees..
Vivian in Okmulgee, OK *****
We love FSN - they are great!
Cindy in Baker, MT *****
We've tried ALL the other wire services, and FSN is the only one that we're still using and will continue to use. I agree with other reviewers who say this is the only wire service you can actually make money with. There are no hidden fees, what they tell you is the truth! Love the system, problems are few and far between! We don't even have time to do anything with our website, it's all on FSN to take care of it, and boy do they. It makes us more money than it costs, so it's definitely worth it. Love FSN!
Janie in Valparaiso, FL *****
When we partnered with FSN years ago, they were a pretty new wire service Co. When we received the call from Leslie introducing the new and simple wire concept with no hidden fees, no need to buy expensive vases through them, etc. we were thrilled! We were so frustrated with all the big name wire services, we dropped them! With FSN we actually make money instead of having to pay all the high fees to those wire services that only care about making money for themselves. FSN also provides awesome customer service... Love FSN!
Steve in Culpeper, VA *****
We opened our retail store in 2014.The decision to open our store was made quickly and many choices had to be made in a short period of time.The decision to choose FSN to host our website was among one of the best choices we made.FSN is not simply our web host,they are a strategic business partner helping us navigate the increasingly complicated world we call "retail florist". The website is ever evolving to include the most recent features needed to compete for your share of the business.The other nice thing is if you have an idea or concern you simply pick up the phone and talk to the same person each time to resolve your issue or note your idea for future enhancements to an already superior service. For us our website is like having an additional employee answering the phone taking orders. This does not happen just because you have a website however because you are in control of your website you can add and take off your designs at will in fact I encourage you to do so. This makes you stand out against your competitors and is all possible because of the powerful,simple website management tools you have provided with your FSN website. We will do a design contest and place those items on our website and track the sales.One of our top selling designs was made by someone with no floral experience. Changing out items keeps your page fresh and relevant in a world where things change very fast and this is all possible because of the powerful tools your FSN website provides you and the incredible support providedny all the team members at Flower Shop Network. I cannot recommend a better support team to have other than the FSN team and for that I say THANK YOU !
tammy in Menlo, GA *****
best suggestion i ever followed
Chris in Fairview, TN *****
Partnering with Flower Shop Network was one of the best decisions that our company has ever done. We love our website as we watch our traffic and amount of orders increase from year to year. I really like the idea of calling them on the phone and a (real human voice) answer on the other end then sending me to the correct person to answer all my questions. We really appreciate you guys.
Cynthia in Hendersonville, NC *****
Flower Shop Network took my business to a new higher level. I received a call from Amy Hall with Flower Shop Network, she explained everything about Flower Shop Network and then answered every question I had. My best business decision was going with FSN. FSN took my website and created an amazing website, one that was easy to use and very beautiful to shop from, check it out www.thecottageflorist.com.
My business increased and I couldn't be any happier. Amy wasn't pushing me to join or making me feel uncomfortable when I ask questions. If you are considering taking your business to the next level call Amy Hall with Flower Shop Network. I have called her many times after my website was up and running and she was at all times on top of everything. She truly cares about the florist and wants to see each one of her shops be the best they can be. I have been contacted by every wire service there is and you couldn't take me away from FSN. If you want to belong to a growing, successful network then stop what you are doing and call FSN.
Thank you Amy Hall and Flower Shop Network for turning my business around. Flower Shop Network was everything and more Amy said it was. BEST BUSINESS DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE.
Alice in SELMER, TN *****
Nice people to deal with and I appreciate you all.
ML in Monument, CO *****
The Enchanted Florist in Monument CO is doing some great work! Will definitely be my go to florist here! Thank you!!!!
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