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Genia in Wheatland, WY *****
I am so happy I joined FSN and dropped the other big name wire services! They actually deposit money in my account instead of owing money to wire services! I love it and will never go back to the others!! No more calls from people you cannot understand and I always get a friendly voice when I call in to ask a question! Super!!!!
Yolanda in Orange, NJ *****
I recently joined FSN and the transaction couldn't be much smoother.
Michael in Lewiston, ME *****
Again Thank you FSN. I just reconciled my weekly settlement statement from Mother's Day. My Website is awesome and paid for itself just in this holiday alone. THANK YOU! PS I do not usually write reviews, this is my second one for this company. It is refreshing to have teh control of our industry back in the florist hands and not in the hands order gatherers and wire services. JOIN FSN!!!
Al Frachee in Calgary, AB *****
Couldn't have a better way to send and receive floral orders . The staff at FSN are ALL excellent and in all the years that I have been with them no one problem. THE VERY BEST!!!!
Stephen in Bluffton, SC *****
I've been with the Flower Shop Network for only 3 weeks and every single day they have done something to support me and my shop that has exceeded my expectations. Amy Hall and the entire staff have been great and I have no doubt that my success is a priority for them. They always have time to answer my questions and talk through strategies to grow my business. Highly recommend you give FSN a try!
Giddy in Robbionsville, NC *****
FSN is best out there. You will not be disappointed.
OMG! i LOVE IT. No more holidays trying to support the order gatherers "discounted orders". Drop every wire service you belong to and go with Flower Shop Network TODAY!!!!!! i LOVE IT SO MUCH i AM TAKING THE TIME ON 02/12/2016 TO WRITE THIS REVIEW.
Angie M. Country Rose Florist in Palmyra, VA *****
I just wanted to thank you for convincing me to give FSN a shot! I am soooooo happy I did! Since becoming a member a few short weeks ago, and having you take over my website hosting, I have had enough orders to almost pay for our membership with you guys.....just $100.00 away in orders and I am so excited and liberated! August 31st marks the last day that I will work for the OG's and that is exciting as well!

So I just wanted to say thanks to you, and FSN for putting the power back into florists hands!!!!! I hope FSN continues this great support of florists with low membership costs and customer service!
Michele M. Michele's Floral in Copperas Cove, TX *****
Since joining Flower Shop Network, after being "FTD Only" for 24 years, I couldn't be more pleased to have finally found a partner who not only mirrors my philosophy & principles in our industry but who also consistently supports & stands behind the traditional brick & mortar floral shops!
Dustin K. Gateway Nursery & Florist in Benton, KY *****
I just received The Networker and I was reading about all of the wonderful enhancements you have made to my website at no extra cost. THANK YOU! I LOVE being a member of Flower Shop Network. I don’t understand why all florists aren’t members. The entire staff is always gracious and kind no matter how dumb my question might be! I can also honestly say that the website you designed and keep updated for me has been well worth the investment as have the calendars. Thank you to all of the people who work at Flower Shop Network for making my job easier! Warmest regards, Dusty Kornbacher, Gateway Nursery & Florist, Benton, Kentucky
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