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System Integration

Flower Shop Network is proud to announce the order network integration with the Iris POS System. This full integration allows full send/receive capabilities as well as real-time florist and product lookup directly from the Iris POS System.

High end. Cutting edge. Completely refined. That's IRIS.

Flower Shop Network Setup

Review the Iris Setup Instructions before contacting the FSN customer service department and they will prepare your Iris system to request an access token and enable the following features:

  • Send orders directly from your Iris POS System (F2F).
  • Receive both F2F and consumer ecommerce orders directly to your Iris POS System
  • Real-time florist and product lookups

Once Iris staff has prepared your system for the order network integration, please contact FSN customer service via email or phone by calling (800) 858-9925 to continue the setup process and test the interface.

IRIS floral point of sale is the next generation software solution for today's florist.

IRIS Floral POS Highlights

  • Web-based, nothing to install.
  • Perfect for large volume multi-stores, or small stores.
  • Polished, intuitive touch screen interface.
  • Advanced delivery routing w/ barcode scanning and GPS integration.
  • Advanced inventory management system.
  • Manage employee punches / hours.
  • House account management with fully integrated billing manager.
  • Send / Receive FSN orders directly through the IRIS Florist POS system.
  • Real-time FSN florist lookups.
  • Real-time incoming wire order alerts and auto-printing.
  • Integrates with several popular shopping carts or use ours.
  • Highly scalable. Grows with your business.
  • Use your own credit card processor or our recommended.
  • Get set up and running within hours.
  • Automatic featured updates.

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