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Florist Websites

New Premier
Design Styles

Sleek. Sophisticated. Powerful.
Our Premier Design Styles have the power and efficiency you expect from your website while giving you a look that is as beautiful as your creations. These polished designs offer style and artistry with several ways to make your website unique to your business.


Blooming Banner Style

Floating Florals Style
Featured Showcase
Floral Charm Style
Inspiring Options Style

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Design Styles

Variety meets personalization.
Our Deluxe Design Styles give you a range of capabilities, including the ability to upload your own logo. Choose from a wide variety of website layouts, colors, and unique background images. You can easily make changes to keep your website looking fresh and up-to-date!


Studio Squares Style
Zen Verde Style
Two Tone Style

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Design Styles

Focused on the essentials.
Our Classic Design Style offers the functionality you need from a website with a look that is straightforward and uncomplicated. Once you choose your color, we handle the rest. This includes updating your homepage for the different holidays and seasons!


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