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Convenient and Effective Marketing for Busy Florists.

Made Effortless

Let us handle your email marketing.
We automatically create, schedule and send product-driven emails for your flower shop. For holidays, seasons & occasions, reach your customers at least...

29x per year

Made for More Sales

Click-to-Purchase Arrangements*
With just one click, customers are able to buy the chosen arrangement directly from your website.
*Our Members' Favorite Feature

Easy-to-use Address Book
Email addresses from your website customers are automatically added to your address book. You also have the ability to add, import or export email addresses at anytime.


Control Your Content

Reflect Your Website’s Style
Emails automatically use your logo and information, plus match your website's color. Upgrade to Premium to further customize your look with 3 layout options: Product, Newsletter, and Showcase.

Product Sync
Product and Newsletter layouts will feature the top products from the corresponding page of your website, while the Showcase layout allows you to highlight a new arrangement, spotlight an upcoming holiday, or share a special message with your customers.

For example, a Valentine's Day email will feature the first 3 arrangements from the Valentine's Day page, including any custom products you've added in the top 3 positions.

As you make changes to your website, your email campaigns will sync accordingly.

Standard Email Campaigns

No Monthly Fees!
*FSN Websites sold separately
Quick and easy setup
Hassle-free emails sent 29x a year
Emails sync to match products on your website pages, including custom products
Emails match your website color
Click-to-purchase arrangements encourage buying from your website
Easy-to-use Address Book
Include Social Media links in emails
Your logo and information are built in
Easy-to-add discount codes
Excellent support
Premium Email Campaigns

No Monthly Fees!
*FSN Websites sold separately
Get the great features of Standard Emails, PLUS these upgrades:
Send an additional 10 emails per month
Feature any product from your website’s Product Library, including your own
Customize your email color
Choose to show or hide pricing in emails
Multiple layouts & styles available
Change your email send dates
Customize the message of your emails

Use custom email subject lines

Holiday Email Schedule

Winter - January 5, 2024
Valentine's Day v1 - January 22, 2024
Valentine's Day v2 - February 2, 2024
Valentine's Day v3 - February 8, 2024
International Women's Day - February 26, 2024
Easter - March 14, 2024
Spring Birthday - March 28, 2024
Admin Professionals - April 11, 2024
Mother's Day v1 - April 25, 2024
Mother's Day v2 - May 1, 2024
Mother's Day v3 - May 8, 2024
Anniversary - May 16, 2024
Rose Month - May 30, 2024
Father's Day - June 6, 2024
Summer - July 8, 2024
Friendship Day - July 18, 2024     
National Couple's Day - August 5, 202     
New Baby - August 15, 2024     
Grandparents Day - August 29, 2024     
Fall - September 16, 2024     

Thanksgiving (CAN) v1 - September 25, 2024     
Thanksgiving (CAN) v2 - October 3, 2024     
Boss's Day - October 9, 2024     
Halloween - October 21, 2024     
Thanksgiving (US) v1 - November 11, 2024     
Thanksgiving (US) v2 - November 20, 2024     
Christmas v1 - December 2, 2024     
Christmas v2 - December 10, 2024     
Christmas v3 - December 18, 2024

** The above listed holiday email schedule is tentative and may be subject to change at the discretion of Flower Shop Network. 
Emails are sent at 7pm CST.

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