Preferred Florist Program

Build stronger relationships with florists in the network.

how does it work?

When you send an order through,
the filling florist is chosen 1 of 2 ways...

choose your own
Choose a florist from a list of members in the area.

let FSN pick
FSN randomly picks a florist in the delivery area.

Mark Florists as Preferred

With the preferred florist program, you can mark a florist in a specific city as your preferred florist.

Using Preferred Florist

The next time you have a delivery going to that city, the order will show you the preferred florist in that area, making it easy for you to select them.

The more florists that mark you as their preferred florist, the better chance you have of receiving orders going to your delivery area.

how to get marked as preferred

Delivery confirmations help create a relationship between sending and receiving florists.

When you confirm an F2F order delivery,
the sending florist is notified that the order has been filled and delivered by you. This email also asks them to mark you as their preferred florist.

Building Connections

When you confirm deliveries from FSN orders, the sending florist is prompted to add you to their Preferred Florist list. More confirmations = more orders!

(Optional) Photo Confirmations

Show off your beautiful creations to your fellow florists by easily sending photo delivery confirmations. Also a great way to get added as a Preferred Florist!

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