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We believe in a better way for florists to do business! At Flower Shop Network, we want to provide florists with helpful marketing tips and resources to help your business grow!

FSN Websites Dos & Don'ts Dec 07, 2021 »

When it comes to online shopping, it's a visual game. There are many different things you can do that will make your site stand out from the crowd, and not always in the way you want. Your home page should be inviting to potential customers and welcome them the way you would into your store. Here are some dos and don’ts for your FSN website.

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November's Top Websites Nov 26, 2021 »

We're happy to help florists create websites perfect for their needs! Check out a few of our favorites from November.

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Marketing Your Business Nov 18, 2021 »

One of the most common questions we get is, "How can I market my business?" While this question doesn't take a rocket scientist to answer, it does require a decent amount of thought to help find the best solution for each individual flower shop. Every small business is different, even if they function in the same industry. Some tactics may work better for one than they will for another. Combining multiple strategies to fit your flower shop's needs is a great way to help increase your exposure.…

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Hunting for Vases Nov 10, 2021 »

Like many other industries, florists are struggling with supply chain issues. From lack of stock to long shipping times to limited options, we know that finding vases and containers is harder than ever. So what's the solution? Implementing a vase/container recycling program.

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Google Ads: The Basics Nov 03, 2021 »

Advertising can sometimes be complex, especially when it comes to Google. But getting your brand in front of new customers is imperative to growing your business. Google is one of the most-used search engines for literally everything, so it’s worth it when it comes to Google Ads. Although it looks like a lot to take in, we’ve gathered the basics to get you started!

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