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We believe in a better way for florists to do business! At Flower Shop Network, we want to provide florists with helpful marketing tips and resources to help your business grow!

Consistency is Key Jun 12, 2019 »

When it comes to social media, keeping a steady posting schedule is one of the most important parts of communicating with your audience. Maintaining an active presence on your social media platforms can make a huge impact on customers when they're choosing which flower shop to order from.

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Making the Most out of Negative Reviews Jun 05, 2019 »

So, you got a negative review online? Don't worry, it happens! As much as you try to please every customer, sometimes it's just not possible. We're here to tell you how you can turn your negative review into a positive for your business.

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Industry News: April 2019 Apr 16, 2019 »

According to an article from The Florist, FTD has announced that their funds could run out as soon as June 2019, unless they find a strategic alternative, such as a refinancing deal or selling the company. This announcement brings forth concerns from florists in the U.S. and beyond.

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Creating an Experience Apr 12, 2019 »

Mother's Day is right around the corner and now is the time to start thinking about your customer experience strategy. While some may think that customer service and customer experience are interchangeable, it's not. Customer service is handling a customer situation by situation whereas customer experience is giving the customer something they can feel, attach an emotion too, and go on a journey

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Social Media & Cus. Service Mar 22, 2019 »

Last year, as I was on my way to Michigan for the Great Lakes Floral & Event Expo with two of my coworkers, our flight got delayed. A quick look at the weather and we realized that our connecting flight might not even be able to make it due to snow. So, what did we do? We decided to reroute through the south and then go up north. However, that plan didn't work out either. Our Minnesota flight made it okay, but our Alabama flight was experiencing many delays, and we ended up getting separated…

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