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We believe in a better way for florists to do business! At Flower Shop Network, we want to provide florists with helpful marketing tips and resources to help your business grow!

Marketing to Gen Z for Florists Aug 14, 2019 »

Many businesses consider Gen Z too young to focus a marketing strategy on. This is simply not true. The oldest members of Generation Z were born in 1997, making them 22 years old as of 2019. This means that many of them are already in or about to enter the workforce, which provides a great opportunity to grow your business. They will represent 40% of consumers by 2020, and it’s reported that they have $44 billion in buying power, not including their influence on parents. We have some…

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Facebook for Florists, Part Two Aug 07, 2019 »

In our last post, we discussed Facebook business pages and how to effectively post on them. Facebook can be used for more than just posting, though. Advertising on Facebook is a great way to gain more traction for your business, while Insights can help you figure out the kind of posts that your audience is most responsive to. Keep reading to learn more about these great Facebook tools.

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Facebook for Florists, Part One Jul 31, 2019 »

Facebook is a continually changing social platform with a ton of features that can be great tools for your business. However, using Facebook for personal vs. business is very different. We’re here to help you understand the difference and the best ways to use Facebook for your business.

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Building Your Flower Shop's Brand Jul 24, 2019 »

Creating a brand that is easily recognizable is an important step in reaching your full marketing potential. Build your flower shop's brand with our simple tips!

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Growing Your Online Presence Jul 17, 2019 »

Reaching your audience has never been easier than today in the online age. There are so many ways to communicate with potential customers, and having a strong presence online is one of the easiest and most relevant ways to reach them. The Internet is the first place customers are going to turn to learn more about a business, which is why it is so crucial for your flower shop to have an online presence.

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