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Top Websites of June Jun 29, 2020 »

Every flower shop deserves a website that works for them and their business. We love helping florists create the perfect website to fit their brand's needs! Check out our favorites from this month:

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Using Social Media to Promote Your Brand Jun 17, 2020 »

In an ever-changing world, technology has taken a forefront in the way that we promote our businesses. The market changes daily, meaning the way you communicate with your customers also has to change. There are numerous ways to promote your flower shop, and the best option for other brands might not be the best option for yours.

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Holiday Marketing 101: Summer Jun 08, 2020 »

Summer is in full swing! While this summer might look a little different than past summers, there’s still a lot of things you can do to grow your shop. While there’s not a wide variety of holidays in the summer, there are a few pretty big ones. Take a look at what you can do for the summer holidays at your shop:

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Making Florists Essential Mar 25, 2020 »

It's a trying time for many businesses, but especially florists. With the spread of COVID-19 on the rise, many state and local governments are taking substantial measures to keep their communities safe. This includes shutting down all non-essential businesses in certain high-risk areas, like California and New York, and even areas with lower confirmed cases. So where do florists fall in all of this? How do you keep your doors open and delivery trucks running?

Well for a short answer, you need…

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Classic Blue: Pantone Color of the Year Mar 18, 2020 »

Colors can tell a story, evoke an emotion, and set the mood. That's why choosing the right ones is such an important decision in visual fields like floral design.

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