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5 Marketing Tips for Summer Jul 12, 2018 »

Summer can be an excellent time for florists; or, it can be an extremely slow time for florists. If you are a florist who has a lot of weddings booked, then you probably aren't going to see any downtime. However, you may have only one or two lined up. So, what can you do to help increase sales during the summer when there aren't many holidays? Here are some blazing marketing tips to help you out!

What are Instagram Stories? Jun 15, 2018 »

If you have been using Instagram in the past year, you will have noticed that they have added a feature to their platform known as Instagram Stories or Instastories. This is Instagram's version of Snapchat that they are using to pull in the younger generation that loves Snapchat. The great thing about Instastories is that they have added so many new great features, but it's easy to get lost in what the nine different features do. Before we take a look at what each feature of Instastories does,…

Tips for Sending and Receiving Orders Jan 19, 2018 »

Customer experience is an important piece of every business. As florists, you want to ensure that your customer has a wonderful floral experience, even when you might not be the florist that actually delivers the order. To help florists give the best to their customers, we have some tips for sending and receiving wire orders.

Mix It Up This Mother's Day Apr 28, 2017 »

Mix It Up This Mother's Day

Mother's Day is almost here! Time to make last minute preparations and design decisions. Have you found yourself creating the same designs year after year? Or always using that same basket or vase? Mix it up this Mother's Day and give your customers a design even the most finicky mother would be proud of!


Carnations and roses are the flowers most commonly found in Mother's Day arrangements. Why not change that up by creating arrangements with orchids,…

Grow Your Business with Social Media Apr 21, 2017 »

Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

It's no secret that social media is an integral part of any marketing plan, no matter what business you work in. For florists, social media can be used to an even larger advantage because your business is all about visuals.

Create Captivating Captions

Beautiful photos and videos are important, but so are the captions that go with them. Think of the picture or video as your attention getter, then you use your caption to reel them in. The tricky part…

Marketing to Millennials for Florists Apr 14, 2017 »

(For Florists)

Millennials are difficult to reach. Florists in particular have had a tough time reaching this demographic. The Floral Marketing Research Fund has been doing consumer research to help florists overcome some of these difficulties. Here are some of the ways they have found that may help you out in your marketing efforts.

Millennials Need Reminders

Flowers aren't always the first gift idea to come to Millennials' minds. Include different gift ideas using flowers in your…

Facebook Shop Now Button Mar 29, 2017 »

Are You Using It To Your Advantage?

You have a website and you have a Facebook business page. So, are you taking advantage of Facebook's "Shop Now" button that will take your Facebook visitors from your Facebook page straight to your website?

If you are fantastic, you are the ultimate marketer. If you aren't, no problem - we can help you through the steps of creating the "Shop Now" button. In a short amount of time, you too will be taking advantage of Facebook's "Shop Now" button.

Mother's Day Preparation Mar 15, 2017 »

It may seem early, but Mother's Day will be here before you know it. If you haven't already began prepping your shop for the busy holiday, now is the time to start. Here are a few tips we feel can help you stay on top during Mother's Day.

Tackling Valentine's Day Test Orders Jan 18, 2017 »

Valentine's day is quickly approaching. As one of the largest floral holidays of the year, it can be easy to send out an arrangement that might not be up to par with your usual bouquets. What happens if that order is a test order from local (or national) media?

Over the years, major news outlets have made test orders from online flower retailers, then broadcast their reviews live on national television. This has also happened to local flower shops with test orders from their local news sources.…

5 Tips for Building Valentine's Day Sales Jan 11, 2017 »

Valentine's Day is upon us, and, as florists, we know that it's among the most hectic times of the year. We thought we'd help relieve some of the stress with a few tips for building your Valentine's Day sales.

Finding a Profitable Niche in the Floral Industry Dec 21, 2016 »

Many local flower shops are trying to compete with large big-box stores and are struggling to keep up. Stop spreading yourself too thin and start narrowing the scope of your services.

Capitalizing on a niche in the floral industry can set your business apart and lead to great success, but only if the niche is profitable and able to sustain your business.

When looking for a profitable niche, these three questions are crucial to consider.

Boost Your Wedding Business With Bridal Shows Dec 14, 2016 »

Days after the engagement, brides begin the search for upcoming bridal shows and expos. These brides are not just looking for inspiration, but come equipped with schedules and planners ready to book vendors for their big day. Bridal shows are a cost effective way to reach your target audience. See how you can book more brides and boost your wedding business by showing your flower shop at bridal shows, expos and events.

The key to being successful at a bridal show is your preparation,…

How to Make More Profits in 2017 Dec 07, 2016 »

With the new year quickly approaching it's time to ask yourself a few questions.

Did I reach my business goals this year? What can I do differently next year to increase my profits?

Profitable small businesses are not formed by staying stagnant. Set aside time to evaluate your flower shop and look for ways to improve.

As you begin to strategize for 2017, take into consideration these tips to increase your profits and see future success.

Finding Your Niche in the Floral Industry Nov 23, 2016 »

"I believe florists need to find their own voice. If your customers perceive you as the 'go to' for bar mitzvahs, Italian weddings, sympathy work or whatever your niche is, your business is safer than those seen as generalists."
- Travis Rigby, Florists Review

What is your flower shop known for?

Do you have a clearly defined specialty or are you spreading yourself too thin?

Learn how to define your niche in the floral industry and why doing so can lead to increased profitability.

Social Media Tips For the Holidays Nov 16, 2016 »

During the holiday season, taking pictures for Facebook and writing clever tweets is probably not the first thing on your mind. Avoiding your social media presence though during the busiest shopping season could cost you extra sales.

Instead of thinking about social media as an extra chore, view it as a powerful marketing tool to leverage for your success. Now more than ever people are using social media find gift ideas and make holiday purchases.

Learn how take advantage of your social media…

Why Florists Need to Utilize Email Marketing Nov 09, 2016 »

Many florists have misconceptions about email marketing. They believe that hours of time, lots of money and a dedicated team are required to be successful.

This myth could not be further from the truth.

Email marketing was actually designed to be a cost-effective and time saving alternative to direct mailing.

If you are looking for a new way to increase your sales throughout the year, keep reading to see how email marketing has consistently proven to be effective for small businesses.

How to Attract Customers on Small Business Saturday Nov 02, 2016 »

Small Business Saturday was founded to encourage consumers across the country to shop at local, small businesses. This shopping holiday is held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving during one of the biggest shopping periods of the year.

Last year, an estimated 95 million people went shopping and over $14.5 billion was spent during Small Business Saturday.

Learn how your flower shop can attract customers and participate in this day that has quickly become a tradition in communities across the…

Usher in the Holiday Shoppers! Oct 18, 2016 »

Do you dream of having your flower shop packed full of customers? Make your holiday wishes come true this year by hosting an open house! As the holiday season approaches, everyone gets the itch to start buying gifts. Use this opportunity to bring in record sales, and new customers!

Offer Something Valuable

The first step in planning your holiday open house is to ask yourself the question, "What is going to draw people into my store?" The goal is to make your open house an event and not just a…

Negative Reviews: Turning Lemons Into Lemonade Oct 17, 2016 »

Word-of-mouth has always been a powerful marketing tool, especially for small businesses. Today with ease and convenience of the internet, customers automatically turn to sites like Yelp, Google, and your flower shop to voice their opinions.

When you see a bad review about your flower shop, the worst thing you can do is to get frustrated and not reply. Learn why it's important to respond to negative reviews and start turning your sour lemons into sweet lemonade!

Stop Courting Your Customers: It's Time To Commit Oct 12, 2016 »

Returning customers and customer retention is key to a growing business. If this statement is true, why do businesses spend most of their time and resources working to reach new customers? In your flower shop you need to make sure that your customers enter into the final stage of the buying cycle: repurchase. Keep reading to learn how to stop courting new customers and start working towards building loyal, committed fans.

According to SumAll, 25% to 40% of the total revenues of the most stable…

6 Boards Florists Should Follow on Pinterest Sep 21, 2016 »

Incredible floral arrangements are designed to elicit emotions. Whether it's abounding happiness or expressing great sorrow, every creation has a purpose.

Designing flower arrangements that leave recipients in a state of awe and wonder takes skill, creativity and practice.

Challenge your current design style by following these eight boards on Pinterest. You will find new concepts and floral design tips to spark your creativity and give you a renewed sense of determination.

Fall Design Inspiration Sep 14, 2016 »

Cooler air, pumpkin patches, and falling leaves are all signs that fall is upon us!

This new season brings many new design opportunities. With warm-colored fall foliage and rich autumn blooms, you can't help but admire nature's beauty.

Use this beautiful season as inspiration for your floral designs! Here are some creative fall-themed designs to get you inspired.

Petal It Forward Sep 07, 2016 »

On Wednesday, October 19th florists from all over the country will Petal It Forward, and you can too! The Society of American Florists created this campaign to show people that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness and a long-term positive effect on moods.

How to Build Customer Trust Like Never Before Aug 31, 2016 »

Let's pretend that you are looking to buy a new pair of shoes. You have never purchased this type of shoe before and are wary about buying them online. There are two websites that you are considering purchasing them from. The first website you visit looks nice and has the shoes that you want to buy. However the second website you look at has an entire page of reviews about the shoes you want to buy, advice on what outfit to wear with the shoes, and detailed information about the return policy.…

How To Hire Exceptional Employees Aug 17, 2016 »

In your flower shop you want employees that are going to represent your business in the best light. From answering phone calls to visiting with customers, it's important that the people you hire have enthusiasm and certain character qualities.

Finding and hiring the right employees for your shop can be a daunting task. We want to help you know what to look for in potential employees so your business will thrive!

First think about the position you need to fill. What tasks and responsibilities…

Cash and Carry Arrangements Aug 10, 2016 »

A business owner should always be looking for new, inventive ways to increase revenue.

By thinking outside of the box, some flower shops have started to partner with other local businesses in their area to increase sales.

Keep reading to see how cash and carry arrangements can go beyond your shop's cooler.

Our society loves quick and easy. We can look up information on the internet in a second, instantly stream movies, and even pick up fast food. People love convenience! Have you ever…

8 Quick Customer Service Tips Aug 03, 2016 »

Have you ever walked into a store and felt not welcomed? Or have you ever called a business with a question and felt like you were being an annoyance to the person on the phone?

Don't let your flower shop have this kind of reputation!

Excellent customer service leads to more referrals and customer loyalty, but bad customer service can completely damage your business.

Here are eight practical customer service tips that will keep your customers smiling and your business thriving!

Let Your Passion Drive You Jul 27, 2016 »

How many times have you said to yourself, "If I can just make it through this day!" Or how often do you find yourself speaking to a customer but your mind is somewhere else?

Is this the same mindset you had when you first opened your flower shop?

Think back to the days when you woke up with motivation, ready to tackle the day. Rekindle that energy and love working in your flower shop again with these helpful tips!

Know Your Worth: Stop Competing Jul 13, 2016 »

In today's world, competition is everywhere. The entrepreneurial bug is striking with more frequency, so more shops are popping up that do the exact same thing as their neighbor. Trying to keep up with the competition can create a drain on your business. Two words can simplify your life: Stop competing.

Facebook for Beginners Jul 05, 2016 »

Entering the world of social media can be overwhelming! Today, almost all businesses have a presence on social media and for your flower shop it is a great way to showcase your arrangements, announce sales and communicate with your customers. We want to help you get started on one of the most popular social media sites, Facebook.

How to Network to Increase Flower Sales Jun 15, 2016 »

Networking is one of the oldest and best forms of marketing. Think of networking like a web. When you gain the trust of one person, they are likely to recommend you to their friends and family. Get creative with your advertising efforts this summer and grow your local customer base through these three networking strategies.

Preventing Fraud In Your Shop Jun 01, 2016 »

Canadian Florist published an article in their latest publication stating that fraud hit one in five Canadian small businesses in the past year. Credit card fraud is a serious theft issue that costs businesses not only money but also valuable time.

Get Social! May 18, 2016 »

Social media has revolutionized the way businesses can find and talk to customers. The value of this powerful online tool is too great to pass up. Here are seven reasons why your business needs social media!

Creative Window Displays May 16, 2016 »

Your shop's window display is the first thing customers notice as they walk up to your store. Display layouts also reveal a lot about your business operations and professionalism. Catch the attention of every bypasser with these creative window displays.

5 Minute Marketing Tips May 13, 2016 »

Now that Mother's Day is over, you can finally take a deep breath and step away from the day-to-day operations of your business. This is the perfect time for you to evaluate your business and your marketing efforts.

Boost Summer Sales in Your Shop May 04, 2016 »

Do not let your shop fall into a summer slump this year! Warmer weather means outdoor events. With the sun shining bright, the birds singing and flowers blooming everyone tends to be in a happier mood. At the beginning of summer people want to get outside and have some fun. Boost your summer sales by planning events to get these people to your shop. Here are three strategic marketing strategies that can help boost your sales this summer!

Mother's Day Style Upgrade Apr 20, 2016 »

If you have been offering the same flower arrangements for Mother's Day the last few years, it's time to think about changing things up! Upgrade your style this holiday season to stand out against the competition. Your loyal customers will love seeing your new fresh designs. Here are some of the latest trends that are easy to create and will give your style a quick upgrade!

Monogrammed Floral Letters

This statement piece would be an amazing edition to your shop's window display. Customers can…

How to Compete With Big-Box Stores Apr 08, 2016 »

Many local florists say they are struggling to compete with with large big-box stores. At Flower Shop Network we want to empower local florists to grow and be successful by providing resources to help you take advantage of your potential as a local business.

So what can you do?

Compete on Quality
Trying to compete on price is going to be an impossible task if you are facing strong competition from a large retailer. Larger stores buy in bulk which gives them great purchasing power. Instead focus…

4 Tips for Better Product Photos Mar 24, 2016 »

As a florist you always have a lot to do in your shop and might not have a ton of time to get professional looking pictures of your favorite designs, so we have focused on four tips to help you achieve high-quality smartphone photos, quick and easy! Having high-quality photos will make your floral designs stand out! Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Keep in mind that these pictures would be great on your social media platforms as well. Your shop will look professional all around!

FSN at the Northeast and Great Lakes Floral Expos Mar 07, 2016 »

Flower Shop Network had the opportunity to network and learn from other industry professionals this weekend at two floral expos.

Our president, Brock Atwill, Vice Presidnent and CFO, Loranne Atwill and Account Manager, Irving Casiano attended the Great Lakes Floral Expo in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

4 Key Ways to Build Customer Relationsihps Feb 26, 2016 »

Everyone knows that the most important part of any business is the customer. Knowing your customer's needs and wants is crucial to the success of your company, but this is merely a starting point. The key to ongoing success hinges upon your ability to create and develop strong customer relationships. Making a strategic plan to develop customer relationships is crucial to the future success of your business. Here are four key ways to build lasting customer relationships.

1) Evaluate your…

Shop Talk: Marketing on Wheels Feb 05, 2016 »

Marketing is an important aspect of flower shop sales. It's what gets your name out there as a business and what keeps customers coming in and remaining life-long friends. Lora's Flowers and Gifts of Muenster, Texas has taken their marketing to the streets as a van wrap advertisement on their delivery truck.

Wrapped Delivery

Just as it is important to have your employees look presentable when delivering blooms, that should also go for the delivery truck. Making an impression and looking…

Facebook Do's and Don'ts Feb 01, 2016 »

Facebook has become a universal social media platform for many flower shops. While it is the perfect platform to find your target audience, there are rules to follow in order to maintain a successful business page. Here are the top Do's and Don'ts for Facebook!


Make sure you brand your profile picture with your shop's logo. This automatically tells your customers who you are. Also, make sure you use high quality images for your banner and that you update it regularly (at least once…

Flower Shop Phone Etiquette Jan 20, 2016 »

Answering the phone is one of the most important aspects of running a flower shop business. It's usually how you get your orders and solve problems with customers. Sometimes one can forget the etiquette. Whether it's stress or a split second response while the boss is busy, phone etiquette can often be forgotten and sometimes a simple "Hello, how can I help you?" can make or break a sale.

Guest Post: Email Marketing Jan 16, 2016 »

A successful marketing strategy wouldn't be complete without emails. Our friends at FGmarket have some great tips to share on email marketing. Here are three tips from their post. Click here to read the full article.

Subject Lines

Your reader will only be scanning their email inbox, so it is important to make it clear what exactly they are opening. That means 1) don't be ambiguous and 2) get to the point.

Social Links

Adding links to your social media accounts in the footer or header of every email…

Twitter For Florists Jan 01, 2016 »

Businesses all social media platforms. From Facebook to Instagram, each one carries a different audience that can become a potential customer. Twitter, being one of the top social media platforms, is one that has many florists confused at how to exactly use in their marketing strategy. Here are some ways to make it work for your business.

Twitter+ You

What makes Twitter so interesting is its constant stream of news and posts that are constantly updated throughout the day. While you may post on…

Instagram For Florists Dec 30, 2015 »

It's no secret that flowers are visual and that customers are now looking for your business on social media. This is why you should consider extending your marketing through a solely visual marketing platform: Instagram.

You may be wondering "what the heck is Instagram?" and how you can market yourself through this platform when you aren't much of a photographer? We have the answers and more!

Pinterest For Florists Dec 01, 2015 »

When it comes to promoting your shop, social media does a fantastic job of growing your viewership through content sharing. But one social media platform that increases viewership well past your initial post is Pinterest. Here are three ways to incorporate Pinterest into your marketing strategy.

Pinterest + You

Pinterest is a huge content sharing social platform used for sharing ideas and tips. Linked heavily to blogs, this is the perfect way to promote your shop’s blog. What makes Pinterest…