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Preventing Fraud In Your Shop
Preventing Fraud in Your Shop

Preventing Fraud In Your Shop

Canadian Florist published an article in their latest publication stating that fraud hit one in five Canadian small businesses in the past year. Credit card fraud is a serious theft issue that costs businesses not only money but also valuable time.

Here is what the Canadian Federation of Independent Business identified as some of the most common scams, warning signs, and how to avoid them.

Credit Card Fraud - What to watch for

  1. Larger than normal orders.
  2. Orders that include more than one of the same item
  3. Orders made up of only “big-ticket” items
  4. Customers insisting on rush shipping
  5. Shipping to international addresses, especially when that is not a normal transaction for the business
  6. Customers using multiple credit cards, but shipping to the same address
  7. Orders on the same card, shipping to multiple addresses

What to do:

  1. Use chip and PIN whenever possible.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for ID - remember you are protecting the customer too.
  3. Verify card security features (raised numbers and text, hologram, signature).

When you know what to watch for in your flower shop you can avoid having transactions reversed and losing the product and the amount you charged for it.


Sohaila wrote on September 16, 2016 4:07 pm

The biggest problem is that 80%-90% of our orders are either by phone or online and it is very hard to ask for ID. I have tried to call to visa and master card as well as bank to see how to protect myself but I came to conclude that they are more interested to protect their customers than small merchants like us even if the customer lie to them.
I hope i get some tips from you all.

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