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Guest Post: Email Marketing
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Guest Post: Email Marketing

A successful marketing strategy wouldn't be complete without emails. Our friends at FGmarket have some great tips to share on email marketing. Here are three tips from their post. Click here to read the full article.

Subject Lines

Your reader will only be scanning their email inbox, so it is important to make it clear what exactly they are opening. That means 1) don't be ambiguous and 2) get to the point.

Social Links

Adding links to your social media accounts in the footer or header of every email you send out is a great way to get users connected to you online.


There’s nothing people hate more than seeing hundreds of spam emails cluttering up their inbox. Limit the number of emails you send out to a maximum of one per day.

Read the rest of these great tips at FGmarket’s Tips For Successful Email Marketing. Check back at the Bloomin’ Blog for more great marketing tips!

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