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Christmas 2020: Trends Nov 05, 2020 »

Christmas is right around the corner! Most florists aren't sure what to expect for the upcoming holiday season. With COVID-19, it's hard to predict what might happen. Will Christmas be bigger than usual? Smaller? About the same? Many florists are asking themselves these questions and might have some idea about their answer, but what are others saying? Here are some things you should know about Christmas 2020.

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Making Florists Essential Mar 25, 2020 »

It's a trying time for many businesses, but especially florists. With the spread of COVID-19 on the rise, many state and local governments are taking substantial measures to keep their communities safe. This includes shutting down all non-essential businesses in certain high-risk areas, like California and New York, and even areas with lower confirmed cases. So where do florists fall in all of this? How do you keep your doors open and delivery trucks running?

Well for a short answer, you…

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Industry News: April 2019 Apr 16, 2019 »

According to an article from The Florist, FTD has announced that their funds could run out as soon as June 2019, unless they find a strategic alternative, such as a refinancing deal or selling the company. This announcement brings forth concerns from florists in the U.S. and beyond.

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Industry News: March 2019 Mar 20, 2019 »

FTD announced on Monday, March 18, 2019, in a regulatory filing, that they expect to have the funds necessary to remain afloat in July, but not beyond then, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune.

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Great New Florist Resource Mar 22, 2017 »

As a partner with florists, we've learned a lot about what it takes for our florists to run a successful flower shop. Creating beautiful designs is only part of your job. You also have to manage a business. Tim Huckabee has been guiding florists in their businesses for many years with his revolutionary approach to sales and customer service. You've probably seen his columns in SAF's Floral Management, Florists' Review, and Canadian Florist.

The Profitable Florist is his latest resource for…

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