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Industry News: April 2019

Industry News: April 2019

According to an article from The Florist, FTD has announced that their funds could run out as soon as June 2019, unless they find a strategic alternative, such as a refinancing deal or selling the company. This announcement brings forth concerns from florists in the U.S. and beyond.

With the uncertain future of FTD, the ability to send customers’ international orders is troublesome for a lot of florists. Many of them may be worried about how they will fulfill these orders without outside help.

Flower Shop Network works with independent international affiliates to manage sending orders worldwide for all of our member florists. Our 7,000+ network receives 100% of their order value with no monthly fees and payments within 72 hours. We work hard to make sure we are constantly meeting our customers’ needs in order to keep us all moving in the right direction.

We invite any florist in search of a new partner to reach out to us by calling 800.858.9925 or emailing info@flowershopnetwork.com.

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