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Inspire Yourself with Creative Workspaces Mar 08, 2017 »

As florists, keeping your creative interests flowing is important. Attempting to create fresh, new looks with the same types of flowers can become monotonous. There may be times when you, or your designers, hit a wall creatively. A creative workspace within your shop will inspire creative thinking and can help when you feel like you keep sending out the same arrangement of roses, carnations, and baby's breath.

How the Power of Positivity Can Help Your Business Jan 05, 2017 »

What's your New Year's resolution? Did you make one? Most people begin the new year by saying they are going to reinvent themselves. You always hear the same, "New year, new me!" Sadly, many folks don't stick with this resolution, and quickly fall into old habits.

How to Organize Your Flower Shop Jul 22, 2016 »

The summer will come to a close before we know it and the last of the major holidays of the year will be here in full swing!

While you have a minute to breathe, take some time to organize the backroom of your flower shop. I know this sounds like an overwhelming or unrealistic task, but once you have have all of your ribbons in place and vases properly stored, you will feel ready to handle any situation that comes your way!

These simple suggestions can give your work space some much-needed…

Wedding Flower Backdrops Jul 20, 2016 »

Flower walls, the latest trend to hit brides. These can be larger than life creations with a hefty price tag, or scaled down versions to suit any budget.

New Study Shows a Growing Appreciation For Flowers Jun 08, 2016 »

Perceptions of Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers are being challenged with a new study that was recently conducted about flower appreciation. The study published by Floral Management provides groundbreaking research that shows a growing appreciation across generations for flowers and florists.

Setting Up Your Business On A Bing Places Listing Mar 02, 2016 »

Much like Google or Yelp, Bing works to help get your business found when people are searching for you online. This business listing is called Bing Places, a free online listing that helps web users find your info when they're searching specifically for you, or when they're searching for businesses like yours in a certain location.

Most of the time, when you search for your business, you'll find that it's already been added to Bing's listings. This is done by aggregating any info that the…