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Wedding Flower Backdrops
Red and white flower wall at wedding

Wedding Flower Backdrops

Flower walls, the latest trend to hit brides. These can be larger than life creations with a hefty price tag, or scaled down versions to suit any budget.

Flower Wall at weddings

Full of Flowers

A solid wall of flowers may seem like a daunting task, but it will be worth the fuss to your pocketbook. Although time consuming, with the right tools and flowers, a flower wall is not too hard to create. You will need a strong backing and supports, and floral foam tiles. Just keep in mind that a solid wall of flowers will be very heavy. Getting the mechanics right will be critical to make sure your wall can stand on its own.

(Photo courtsey of Sugar and Spice Events)

Large flower wall at wedding

Simple Elegance

Another more cost friendly option is to string flowers from dowels with fishing line. You can also attach individual long stemmed flowers to a wall. This will allow a bride to have that beautiful floral backdrop she wants on a smaller budget. Flowers that are less prone to wilting will need to be used in these cases, as there will not be a way to keep the flowers actively hydrated.

(Photo courtesy of Sugar and Spice Events)

Foliage and Floral

Foliage in weddings is becoming more and more popular. These walls are cost effective and can create an ethereal look when done correctly. Backdrops can be anything from solid walls of foliage and eclectic designs to delicate vines hanging. Floral touches are also used to create a pop of color. The lushness of different foliage can be used in several ways.

There are many different ways to achieve a floral backdrop worthy of even the smallest budget. Play around with different colors and flowers to create your own unique design!

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