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Logos 101

Logos 101

The goal of a logo is to give your shop a brand identity that gets attention and is remembered. Because of this, less is more.

What Goes In A Logo?

All that is required for a logo is just your business's name. If you choose to include imagery in your logo, keep in mind size does matter when it comes to logos. A logo is not effective if not legible when scaled down. Your business's name should stand out first-and-foremost to achieve the goal of being remembered.

Because of this, it is not recommended to put any extra verbiage or business information in your main logo, such as your phone number.

Why Shouldn't I Put My Phone Number In My Logo?

When a logo is printed at small sizes, such as on a business card or letterhead, your phone number, tagline, established date, etc. may not be legible.

This is where your brand comes in!

Your Logo's Design

Your Business's Brand

Your logo's style can extend to everything else you use for your business. Choose matching fonts, colors, and imagery when you use your contact info throughout your business cards, signs, flyers, etc. This is your business's brand.

Your business's brand allows you to easily design promotional material like this without having to put much thought into it, and still look professional and polished.

What Imagery Works Best For A Logo?

Imagery used in a logo should identify what your business does right away. (This can also be done with just a font style.) Less is more. Keep in mind, when there is too much clutter, your name gets lost in a busy logo. It also may not be legible at all sizes.

Can I Use A Photo?

A true logo will not use photos. Logos are made in a way that allow them to stretch as large as billboards and as small as business cards. A photo file is not made to scale in the same way. It also is likely to become distorted with use.

What About Effects?

Incorporating certain effects may not translate over into all printed materials, such as foil gold, watercolor backgrounds and shadows. These effects will not print on t-shirts with being photo-transferred.

It's a good idea to keep it simple for your main logo, and use effects in different marketing pieces.

Fonts & Colors

What Colors Can I Use For My Logo?

Typically a strong logo will have 1-2 colors, and not recommended using over 4. In printing, 4 is the color limit for printing or embroidery when creating merchandise.

Choose colors you love and won't mind using throughout your entire business in your brand.

How Do I Pick A Font?

Select fonts that reflect your brand's style. If your business has more of a traditional style, don't use a cartoony or handwritten font. If you don't know what type of font to use, find examples of logos or other marketing brands you like to send to your logo designer.

It is not recommended to use more than 2 fonts in a logo. You can incorporate matching fonts into your branding to use for things like phone numbers and taglines.


  • The main thing to remember when creating a logo is to be RECOGNIZED AND REMEMBERED.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Make a brand style to match your logo for all the times you use your business's contact information in marketing materials.
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