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How to Organize Your Flower Shop
How to organize your flower shop

How to Organize Your Flower Shop

The summer will come to a close before we know it and the last of the major holidays of the year will be here in full swing!

While you have a minute to breathe, take some time to organize the backroom of your flower shop. I know this sounds like an overwhelming or unrealistic task, but once you have have all of your ribbons in place and vases properly stored, you will feel ready to handle any situation that comes your way!

These simple suggestions can give your work space some much-needed positive energy.

Before we jump into organization, we need to talk about one important prerequisite: cleanliness. Your flower shop only gets one first impression and it needs to be a great one!

First make sure to regularly sweep your floors. Stems and petals should never by lying around. Move any tables and shelves in the back to do a full cleaning. Next, wipe off any glass windows or doors that often get smudge marks and dust your shelves and surfaces often. Remember if you don't keep your shop clean, how can customers trust you with their important orders?

Now that your shop is nice and tidy, it's time to organize!

Organize those ribbons!

Ribbons can be a huge nuisance if they are not properly organized. Here are some easy, (and very creative) DIY ribbon organizers that will make your life much easier!

This ribbon holder is so creative and doesn't require removing five spools of ribbon to finally get the one you need. With a quick trip to your local hardware store and a few tools, this is a project you can do yourself. Read more about how to create this ribbon holder at Sarah Found, Sarah Made.

This organizer is actually an over the door pantry shelf that you can find at your local grocery store! Read more about how to make this unique ribbon holder at Pine is Here.

Shelves, shelves, shelves!

Needing extra storage space seems to always be a problem. A quick solution is to utilize your extra wall space. Get some stuff off of the floor and on the walls with simple shelves. Organize your vases on your shelves as shown below based on their size.

Use classic pegboards!

How many times have you had to yell across your shop, "Where are my scissors?!" With a simple pegboard purchased from your local hardware store you can quickly organize all of your tools and have them in one handy location. See how this pegboard was made at She Sure is Sketchy.

Invest in a portable design station!

A portable design counter can be pushed up against a wall, moved into storage during a workshop or event, or even used as a display table. The versatility of this table helps your shop stay organized for every occasion. The extra storage underneath is an added bonus too!
Photo courtesy of Flirty Fleurs.

Hopefully these tips will relieve you of some unnecessary stress in your shop! Start organizing now so you will be ready when the big holidays hit!

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Rita Fink wrote on July 28, 2016 5:16 pm

Awesome! Love the ribbon ideas

Della Rivers wrote on June 6, 2023 10:19 am

This was so helpful thank you this will help me out a lot with my organizing my floral shop

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