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New Study Shows a Growing Appreciation For Flowers
New Study Shows a Growing Appreciation for Flowers

New Study Shows A Growing Appreciation For Flowers

Perceptions of Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers are being challenged with a new study that was recently conducted about flower appreciation. The study published by Floral Management provides groundbreaking research that shows a growing appreciation across generations for flowers and florists.

The study found that the over the past seven years, the potential market for florists has grown significantly across three generations of consumers. From Millennials entering the workforce, to Baby Boomers basking in or entering retirement, Americans today have an enhanced appreciation for flowers, fewer perceptions of cost barriers in flower purchasing and a growing awareness of the expertise of local florists.

The 2016 Generations of Flowers Study was conducted by the Society of American Florists and the American Floral Endowment with funding provided by the Floral Marketing Research Fund. The study consisted of 1,557 participants evenly distributed throughout the three generations:

  • Generation Y (Ages 22-39): 522 interviews
  • Generation X (Ages 40-51): 510 interviews
  • Baby Boomers (Ages 52-70): 525 interviews

According to the study, 73 percent of consumers now have a higher appreciation of flowers, a signifcant increase in appreciation compared to 2009. (66 percent) This increase was driven by a much stronger appreciation among Generation Y (60 percent in 2009 compared to 76 percent in 2016) and Generation X (64 percent; 73 percent). Appreciation has remined consistent among Baby Boomers, at 72 percent.

What They Want

Generation Y
The study found that 55 percent of Gen Y respondents said they buy flowers to make themselves feel better and 50 percent said they buy flower on impulse. This means to attract Gen Y, focus on impulse and accessibility. Reaching this generation means making flowers accessible at all times.

Generation X
The study found that 41 percent of Gen X respondents said they buy flowers for anniversaries and 54 percent said they buy flowers just because. The study also found that this generation is significantly more likely than other generations to purchase flowers at a florist but desires convenience. To reach this generation emphasize the ways you save them time: delivery, gift reminders, and cash-and-carry bouquets.

Baby Boomers
The study found that 55 percent of Baby Boomer respondents purchase flowers for birthdays and 30 percent said they purchase flowers for funerals. This generation wants to create experiences and feel special. To reach this generation emphasize the emotional connection that senders and recipients feel, and the role flowers have long played in celebrations.

This study shows that the love of flowers isn't going away, it is actually increasing! See the entire study in the May issue of Floral Management.

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