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Inspire Yourself with Creative Workspaces
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Inspire Yourself with Creative Workspaces

As florists, keeping your creative interests flowing is important. Attempting to create fresh, new looks with the same types of flowers can become monotonous. There may be times when you, or your designers, hit a wall creatively. A creative workspace within your shop will inspire creative thinking and can help when you feel like you keep sending out the same arrangement of roses, carnations, and baby's breath.

Remember the importance of downtime.

Taking care of the world's floral needs can be hectic. Especially during holidays like Valentine's day or Mother's day. Remember to take 5 minutes every so often to stop and allow yourself (and your employees) to breathe. I know you're probably thinking, "But those orders have to go, NOW!" If you take a break, it will probably help improve your productivity and creativity. Allowing you to take care of all those orders in no time.

Have a good time.

Sure, there will be times when you and your employees need to buckle down and get to work. That doesn't mean you shouldn't let loose every once in awhile. Having a little fun or a good laugh is the best kind of stress relief. Letting go of stress can be just the trick to removing a creative block.

Take time to brainstorm.

This is a simple solution to when you hit a creative wall. Sit down at a table as a team. Use pencil and paper, or even lay a few stems of flowers, floral wire, ribbon, and floral foam out. Then talk it out! Think about what vision you want for your design work. Do you want to follow the current floral design trends? Maybe you want to create a specialty for your shop. This is a time to talk through any design ideas you might have and figure out a plan to bring them to life.

What helps you and your design team create gorgeous arrangements? Let us know in the comments!

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