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Floral Design Trends for Summer 2019

Floral Trends for Summer 2019

Every year, a few new trends appear in the floral industry. Keeping up with these trends will help you know what your customers are expecting and help attract new ones! Take a look at a few floral design trends that are making waves this summer.

Color Block

This trend sees the use of a single color for the entire arrangement. Several different types of flowers can be used, but make sure they are all in the same color family in order to give these arrangements a unified look.

Earth Tones

Deep greens and yellows, neutrals, and even hints of blue are perfect choices to include when utilizing this trend. Think of the deep, rich colors you would see while walking through a forest. Don’t be afraid to include lotus pods, twigs, or succulents in your arrangements to further accent this earthy look.

Foliage & Grasses

Add in lots of foliage and grasses among your flowers to add texture and rhythm to your arrangements. This will also make the flowers appear as they do in nature, creating a beautiful, organic quality.

Bold & Beautiful

Consider using softer hues with accents of more intense jewel tones dispersed throughout. These darker shades are sure to stand out to create a striking visual. More muted neutral tones mixed with bright, bold jewel tones will create a perfectly balanced arrangement.


Keep it simple with a minimalist design this summer. Use branches, flowers, and leaves at different angles to create a light and airy feeling in this type of arrangement. This elegant style is a big trend for weddings and home decor this year.

Try to incorporate some of these ideas this summer at your shop. By offering the latest popular styles, you’re keeping your customers satisfied and staying relevant in the floral world. You’ll be blooming in no time when you utilize these floral design trends!


Moments Floral wrote on August 1, 2019 4:54 pm

Thanks for the the ideas and tips!!

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