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Tips for Sending and Receiving Orders

Tips for Sending & Receiving


Customer experience is an important piece of every business. As florists, you want to ensure that your customer has a wonderful floral experience, even when you might not be the florist that actually delivers the order. To help florists give the best to their customers, we have some tips for sending and receiving wire orders.

Set the expectation with your customer.

When your customer places an order, let them know at that time that the receiving florist may not have exactly what they have chosen, but even with substitutions, the person they're sending to will still receive a beautiful arrangement.

Choose your florist.

If you are familiar with the florist the order is going to, you will be better equipped to handle an issue if one come up.

The price of flowers can vary greatly by region.

This means the same arrangement can have a vastly different cost from one shop to another. Keep this in mind when you are sending an order for a customer.

Call ahead on high dollar or out of the ordinary orders.

If you are attempting to send out an order that is out of the ordinary or for a high dollar amount, contact the receiving florist directly prior to wiring out the order.

Be aware of higher order volumes during the holidays.

Some florists have five designers and some may only have one. During the holidays, the shop you are sending the order to may reach their order threshold more quickly than you reach your own.

Set your minimums.

Setting the minimum order value for your shop will let sending shops know if your shop is an option before they send the order. This helps protect you from receiving orders that are under your minimum and wil lsave you time in the long run.

Want to make sure that sending florists know you are delivering a great arrangement?

Go the extra mile and send a photo of the finished product that was delivered! Some people do this in their own shops anyway, and would enjoy knowing you took excellent care of their customer. this is also a great way to ensure repeat business.

Don't be afraid to call if you have questions.

If you have any questions regarding an order, call the sending florist to get clarification or confirm.

Looking for more great tips?

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Deb Mccormack wrote on January 22, 2018 4:14 am

Great advice with the biggest holiday approaching

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