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Email Marketing: Newsletter Basics

Email Marketing: Newsletter Basics

Email marketing comes in a few different forms. Today we’ll be focusing one great email option for florists: newsletters! A regular newsletter can help boost brand awareness and engagement, promote your shop and your products, build customer relationships, and more! Keep reading to learn how to implement newsletters into your marketing strategy.

Choose Your Content 

A newsletter is a regular email sent to your customers to keep them updated on the latest with your flower shop. This can include content like helpful tips for flower arrangements, upcoming specials, new product features, and recent blogs or social posts. Any information you think is important for your customers to know or will help your brand grow can be included here. While you can basically add whatever you want to your newsletter, you need to be selective! Emails are most effective when they're short, sweet, and to the point. Just link back to specific blogs, posts, or your website when appropriate. The best thing about a newsletter is it is completely customizable to your business! 

Focus on Design

The most important part of a newsletter is the content, but the second most important part is the way it looks! When someone opens an email, they'll be skimming through everything to see if something catches their eye. Keeping your newsletter visually engaging and easy to read is a key step in encouraging engagement with what's inside. Nobody wants to read through long paragraphs of text in an email, but you also don't want to put too many images or graphics either. Try to keep the design sleek and simple. There are several places to find newsletter templates online, but a few of our favorites include Constant Contact, Salesforce, and Canva. You also want to limit the number of CTAs you include in the newsletter. Focus on one main message at a time, and center your CTA around that! This can change for each newsletter you send, or you can keep it the same depending on your goals. 

Make a Schedule

It's a small detail, but a regular newsletter schedule has a big impact on your overall customer relationship development. If your newsletter is sent out at the same time every time, readers will learn to expect that, which in turn helps you and your business appear trustworthy and reliable. Even if they don't engage with your newsletter, customers will still see it pop up in their inbox, which is great for brand awareness. How often your newsletter goes out is entirely up to you and how much content you want to produce and your audience. The most common schedules include weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. 

Email newsletters are an affordable, easy way to highlight your flower shop and stay in front of your customers. Try starting a newsletter for your company this month!

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