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Using Instagram to Market Your Business

Using Instagram to Market Your Business

Instagram is an excellent way to market your business to your ideal customers. As a florist, you can use your Instagram to target a specific audience who, by continually seeing your posts, will keep your shop in mind for any occasion that they need to order flowers. Check out a few of the most effective ways to use Instagram for your business!

Interesting Imagery

Since Instagram is such a visual platform, you want to make sure each post has a striking image that’s going to grab the attention of your audience. A great option for florists would be to showcase a photo of a gorgeous arrangement you made that day. Consumers also love to see what happens behind the scenes, so giving them a little taste of that every so often is a good idea.

Captivating Captions

Make sure that the captions accompanying your visuals are enticing for customers. Feel free to be funny and engaging, as this will make your followers want to keep reading. You’ll want your captions to reflect what is happening in the photo so that your followers know what is going on.

Handy Hashtags

Hashtags can be used to increase the reach of your post. Make sure that every hashtag you use is specific to your business or to the post itself. Don’t be afraid to get specific with these! The more specific the hashtag is, the more targeted your audience will be, which means a bigger chance of engagement with potential customers. It’s recommended to use between nine and eleven hashtags for a single post.

Instagram Stories

Stories are a great way to promote your business while showing a more intimate view of your shop to your followers. Photos and videos shared to your Story don’t have to be as high in quality as the photos you’re sharing to your profile. Showing behind the scenes clips of what you’re doing helps followers see your business as real people. Stories are only available to view for 24 hours, so they’re more immediate and are a good way to show what’s happening in real time.

Instagram can be a great tool to help your business reach a new audience. By focusing on great imagery, captions, and hashtags, you’re sure to be a pro at Instagram in no time!

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