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Negative Reviews to Positive

Making the Most out of Negative Reviews

So, you got a negative review online? Don't worry, it happens! As much as you try to please every customer, sometimes it's just not possible. We're here to tell you how you can turn your negative review into a positive for your business.

Timely Response

The most important thing to do when dealing with a negative review is to RESPOND in a reasonable amount of time! Unfortunately, ignoring the review will not make it go away. Make the best of the situation with a clear and concise reply to smooth over the situation.

Remember that you aren’t just replying to one reviewer. You’re talking to everyone that reads this review in the future, including potential customers. By responding to a bad review, you’re letting future clients know that you understand the problem and that it won’t happen again.

How You Should Respond

  1. Acknowledge their concerns and apologize to the customer. Even if you feel that what they’re saying isn’t true, it is best to show sympathy towards their bad experience.
  2. Keep your responses short and simple. Going into too much detail or asking questions may lead to more negative feedback from the customer.
  3. Move your conversation offline. Provide the customer with a phone number or email address for someone at your business who is best equipped to deal with the situation.

By responding to negative feedback, you are able to deal with complaints in a public way that shows you really care about your customers’ experience. This could help lead you to more positive reviews in the future.

Remember to not only respond to negative reviews, though! Respond to the positive ones, as well, to engage with your happy customers and build your customer relationships.

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