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How to Network to Increase Flower Sales
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How To Network To Increase Flower Sales

Networking is one of the oldest and best forms of marketing. Think of networking like a web. When you gain the trust of one person, they are likely to recommend you to their friends and family. Get creative with your advertising efforts this summer and grow your local customer base through these three networking strategies.

At Events

When you design arrangements for weddings and events, network with the other professionals around you. Hand out your business card to wedding planners, caterers, photographers and rental business owners. These individuals probably have customers that are also looking for a florist. Most people will be willing to pass along your business card to their customers, especially if you do the same for them. Remember to always be in the business of forming strategic relationships.

Local Businesses

Determine the top ten businesses in your area that get the most foot traffic in a week. Offer them a weekly fresh flower arrangement delivered to their reception desk for one low price. Make sure to emphasize that this is a special offer for select businesses in the community. When you deliver the arrangement each week, drop off some of your marketing materials like a brochure or your business card. This gives your shop the opportunity to advertise not only to the business but to their customers as well. Here is a quick list of potential businesses to visit.

- Doctors offices

- Private schools

- Orthodontists

- Lawyers

- Banks

Love Your Arrangement? Pay It Forward!

When customers receive a flower arrangement a smile is almost always guaranteed. Take advantage of this happy moment by giving recipients an opportunity to share the love. Attach a small card to your arrangements that reads, “Did you love the feeling you got when you received this arrangement? Share the love and pay it forward!” Make sure to include your flower shop’s phone number on the back of the card. This is a great way to easily expand your customer base.

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to get out there and start networking! Want to know more? The short video below by Raiken Profit explains the benefits of networking how to start forming strong relationships in business.

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