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How to Attract Customers on Small Business Saturday
How to attract customers for small business saturday

How to Attract Customers on Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday was founded to encourage consumers across the country to shop at local, small businesses. This shopping holiday is held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving during one of the biggest shopping periods of the year.

Last year, an estimated 95 million people went shopping and over $14.5 billion was spent during Small Business Saturday.

Learn how your flower shop can attract customers and participate in this day that has quickly become a tradition in communities across the country.

1. Launch Special Promotions and Offers

Many shoppers choose to spend money on Small Business Saturday because they recognize the importance of small, local businesses. Customers feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that their spending is for a greater purpose. Attract customers that are ready to spend their money with special promotions and one day only offers.

Send out an email two weeks before Small Business Saturday to announce your promotions. If your shop is located in an area that has high foot traffic, place a chalkboard sign outside that lists your specials. Consider handing out flyers a few days before the event and make sure to promote your offers on your social media pages.

If you are interested in sending an email promoting Small Business Saturday, call us at (800)-858-9925 to talk about personalized email campaigns or click to learn more.

2) Promote on Social Media

Social media is an excellent platform to promote Small Business Saturday. It's important though to emphasize the fact that supporting your business is an investment in the community. Don't post statuses and updates that focus on your flower shop alone. Share statistics about the benefits of small businesses and the importance of shopping locally. Here are some examples.

"Did you know that 8 million jobs have been created by small businesses since 1990? Show your support for small businesses and #shopsmall this Saturday."

"Over 50% of the working population (120 million) is employed by a small business. Choose to support your local, small business on November 26th."

"Total spending among U.S. customers on Small Business Saturday reached $16.2 billion. Will you join the movement this year?"

Make sure to include the hashtags, #shopsmall and #buylocal in your Twitter posts. The hashtags will help your post get found in search.

It's okay to share your shop's hours, specials and promotions but make sure to incorporate general posts that promote Small Business Saturday as well.

You can also sign up for free social media graphics that are personalized for your flower shop. See the examples below. Simply enter your information and you will have marketing materials you can download in two minutes!

3. Encourage Your Community Organizations to Become "Neighborhood Champions"

If you are truly passionate about small businesses and want to see your community come together to participate in Small Business Saturday, consider encouraging organizations in your community to become Neighborhood Champions.

"Neighborhood Champions are business associations, state and local chambers of commerce, and other community organizers who are willing to commit to organizing events or activities to rally their neighborhoods for Small Business Saturday." Source: https://www.americanexpress.com/us/content/small-b...

Neighborhood Champions are encouraged to host a block, party, street fair, concert or any event that will mobilize shoppers for the day. Neighborhood Champions also receive 'Shop Small' merchandise and marketing materials to promote the event. The deadline to signup is November 11th. Learn more about signing up to be a Neighborhood Champion.

Take advantage of this opportunity to increase your sales and see more customers in your shop! Do you have plans to promote Small Business Saturday?

Share them in the comments below!

Start spreading the word today!

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