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Marketing to Millennials for Florists

Marketing to Millennials

(For Florists)

Millennials are difficult to reach. Florists in particular have had a tough time reaching this demographic. The Floral Marketing Research Fund has been doing consumer research to help florists overcome some of these difficulties. Here are some of the ways they have found that may help you out in your marketing efforts.

Millennials Need Reminders

Flowers aren't always the first gift idea to come to Millennials' minds. Include different gift ideas using flowers in your promotions and advertising. On occasion, specifically target this demographic to keep the idea of flowers fresh on their minds.

Our email campaigns are a great way to do this! Learn more about them here.

Millennials are experience oriented.

Engagement is a key factor when marketing to Millennials. Find ways to make flowers fun! Offer arranging classes or "make your own" bouquet nights. Creating a casual space or relaxed atmosphere in your shop is also a great way to increase engagement.

Millennials like social interaction.

It's no secret that Millennials are avid social media users. Take advantage of your social media by creating interesting content about flowers that helps engage and educate Millennials.

Millennials view flowers as high priced.

The price of flowers is a little harder to control. Instead of reducing the price of your flowers, find ways to show their value! Help Millennials see the psychological benefits of flowers. Provide incentives, such as add-ons or free gifts. You can also use in-store coupons and discounts.

Millennials value education and sustainability.

As one of the most socially conscious generations, Millennials value things that are good for the Earth and the people who live on it. If you use sustainable products in your shop, advertise it! Do you buy your flowers locally? Let them know! They also value education and learning about the benefits of a product.

Millennials want customization and personalization.

People tend to think of Millennials as the "me" generation. In some ways, this is true. If you can customize or personalize a product, it has a greater appeal to a Millennial.

These are just a few ways to help you expand your marketing efforts to reach one of the largest buying groups in the world. Most traditional marketing doesn't have the same effect on Millennials as other demographics. Think outside of the box and find new ways to appeal to these potential customers!

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