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Get the Green by Going Green

Welcome to the green team! Running a sustainable business is not only good for the environment but also for your brand! It can definitely pay to go green, and we're here to give you the tips and tricks on how to do so.

Why Go Green?

Sustainability in businesses has always been around but has gained more importance in the past few years. But is it really worth it to go green? The answer is yes. Forbes reports that 92% of consumers are more likely to trust brands that are environmentally or socially conscious, with 88% saying they are more loyal to socially conscious brands. This means that going green could lead to more loyal customers for your business.

Sustainable business practices also have the potential to help you reduce your energy costs, improve your overall brand image and customer preference among buyers, generate positive media coverage, attract new employees who share those values, and even open the door for government assistance through loans, grants, or tax credits. And with more and more consumers seeking out sustainable brands, you could have a competitive advantage against other businesses.

Tips and Ideas for Going Green

Start Small

Transitioning into sustainable business practices can be overwhelming and time-consuming if you don't already have a foundation laid out for getting started. Sometimes, just the intent to go green makes a big difference. The first thing to do is to plan out your path and assess your business's current carbon footprint. What kind of practices do you have that are already sustainable? Where can you improve? What kind of costs will you incur in transitioning different aspects of your business? These are all important questions to answer while making your plan. Some quick and easy ideas to get started could include changing your cleaning and maintenance products to ones that are more natural, switching from paper checks to direct deposit for employees, or starting a recycling program in the office. Even small steps make a big difference!

Support the Cause

If you're on the path to sustainability but aren't quite where you want to be, don't worry! You can still make an impact while you're transitioning. Your plan can include more than just changes to your own business. Supporting local non-profits or environmental organizations is a great way to stay involved without rushing your own efforts. Donations to nonprofits may also qualify as a tax deduction, so it's a win-win!

Reusable Products

Tons of brands these days are joining the efforts with reusable products, like reusable shopping bags or containers, and florists can do this too! While your arrangements can't be reused, you can set up a vase/container recycling program. This allows your customers and others in the community to donate their vases and containers back to you. Plus, it helps during times like these when the supply chain is uncertain!

There's been a lot of change in recent years toward climate change solutions, and establishing green values in your business gives you major opportunities for growth. It's never too late to start thinking sustainably, and we hope you join the cause in going green. If you start any of these sustainable practices, let us know! We look forward to seeing what going green does for you.

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