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Hot ideas for Summer Sales

Hot Ideas for Summer Sales

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Summer is in full swing, and we want to make sure you're keeping your sales HOT this season! Check out these tips and ideas on how you can boost your sales this summer and every summer!

In a recent survey, we asked the experts what fun things they're doing to boost their sales this summer. Check out their fun and exciting ideas below!

Cash & Carry

This idea was overwhelmingly popular among florists from all over the nation! These easy-to-assemble bouquets are quick to create and won't break the bank. From wrapped bouquets to mason jar stands and more, you can make your cash and carry bouquets anything you want! It's the perfect way to get business in the door during the summer and create happy customers who get a beautiful bouquet for a good price.

Photo: Flowers by Gillian

Take & Makes

Prairie Friends and Flowers owner Lisa Fudge talked about her fun idea, Takes & Makes! Working with their wholesale vendor, they offer flower bundles for customers to purchase in their shop. Once purchased, customers get access to a how-to video that shows them how to create a beautiful bouquet from the bundle of flowers! It's a great way to work with your suppliers more closely and give your customers something fun to do with their friends or family in the comfort of their homes.

Photo: Prairie Friends and Flowers

Social Media is your friend!

Another florist favorite is utilizing social media! Many florists told us they are trying to post more on Facebook and Instagram, and a few even said they are trying new social media options, like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Social media is a free and amazing resource for all businesses, but florists have the upper hand in having a beautiful product! Use this time and try some new things, like doing a reel or a TikTok! You could even try doing a giveaway. It’s a great way to get more exposure for your business and potentially boost your following.

Reel: TheFlowerCompanyabq


Everyone loves a good deal! Try offering a weekly special or discount on a specific product. It's a great way to generate urgency for people to shop with you right then. Plus, it helps you move flowers or stock that you might have too much of at that moment. It can also go a long way in creating goodwill between your business and customers, allowing them to remember you when they have floral needs in the future.

These are just a few of the amazing ideas our florists had! Check back soon to see more great things you can do to boost your sales this summer!

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