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Holiday Marketing 101: Summer

Holiday Marketing 101: Summer

Summer is in full swing! While this summer might look a little different than past summers, there's still a lot of things you can do to grow your shop. While there’s not a wide variety of holidays in the summer, there are a few pretty big ones. Take a look at what you can do for the summer holidays at your shop:


Summer might technically be a season, but it’s a holiday for many people, which is something you should take advantage of! Promote all the beautiful and colorful flowers you have. Mix it up and add summer spice to your arrangements by using different items, like mason jars as vases. This will add variety to your arrangements and give your customers something unique to fit their summer vibes!

Father’s Day - June 21st

While most customers might not think of Father’s Day as a big floral holiday, there are some things you can do to change their minds! One thing you could do is create a kids’ gift kit. In the kit, provide a neutral colored plant pot, some stencils, and paint. This is the perfect way for children to create a gift for their dad!

Another thing you can do is promote your gift items, like candy bouquets. Who doesn’t love candy? Think outside the box when it comes to Father’s Day and utilize social media and your website to promote your products.


August brings the start of a new school year and another opportunity for your shop! Use school-themed ribbons and cards for your arrangements. Try promoting the wonderful benefits of flowers, like how they ease stress and boost emotional health. Having flowers in the home will help kick off the new school year for their students on a positive note. They’re also a great way to celebrate new beginnings and spread cheer!

Flowers also make great teacher gifts! With their amazing benefits, flowers can make the perfect first impression on a teacher. Market some of your arrangements as gifts for the newest teacher in a students’ life.

Summer is a fantastic time to get creative and try some new marketing techniques! Try out a few of the techniques above for the upcoming holidays and see what works best for your shop.

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