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Holiday Marketing 101: Halloween

Holiday Marketing 101: Halloween

From wickedly good puns to ghoulish events and activities, Halloween offers especially creative ways to promote your flower shop, more so than other holidays.

Give Products a Halloween Makeover

Prepare for Halloween by giving your products a Halloween update. Create that spooky feeling by designing arrangements in trick-or-treat pumpkins or cauldrons, or even inside a real pumpkin! Nostalgia also plays a big part in Halloween for a lot of people, so think about making bouquets inspired by the holiday’s biggest pop culture icons, like Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, or The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Host a “Haunted” Flower Shop

Oh no! The flowers are taking over! Go overboard with decorating your shop with this creepy-cute idea. (Think Little Shop of Horrors.) Get creative with overgrown vines and flowers reaching out of your doorways to make it look like the flowers have taken control of your shop! Host a Halloween open house with games and trick-or-treating for the kids. Treat the grown-ups with a single black flower and enter them in a drawing for a free arrangement that they can redeem in the next 6 months.

Costume Contest

Host a costume contest on your social media pages and have social media users vote on a winner to be announced the day before Halloween. The winner will receive some Halloween-themed flowers. Add some extra guidelines and ask participants to creatively include real flowers into their costume!

Social Media

Take advantage of all of the spooktacular puns you can imagine when posting to make your social media pages eerie-sistable this October! Post photos of your spooky arrangements and decorations to drum up interest in all of your unBOOlievable offerings.

With these creative ways to celebrate in-store and online, your shop will be prepared for Halloween in no time!

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