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Christmas 2020: Tips for Success

Christmas 2020: Tips for Success

Christmas is right around the corner and with it comes some uncertainty, especially among the floral industry. In Christmas 2020: Trends, we discussed the trends that we and other floral industry experts believe will unfold during the holiday season. To recap: we're expecting it to be big and online.

So while that might answer a few questions florists have about the upcoming holiday season, there are still many challenges they will potentially face. A lot of the challenges that may come with the holiday season are the same ones that other businesses are facing due to COVID-19: labor and staffing shortages, supply chain issues, and keeping everyone safe and healthy. Here are some things we encourage you to do to make this the best holiday season ever:

Talk to your wholesaler

The supply chain is an unknown factor right now and some trends are showing that it could be affected for up to 2 years. It's really important to talk with your wholesale partners and find out what's going to be available to you and what's not so that you can plan in advance for the holidays. This will ensure that you offer your customers only what you have available and don't run into any snags of having to substitute certain flowers.

Simplify your selection

With the supply chain issues, it's somewhat unknown if you'll get everything you ordered, some of what you ordered, or nothing at all. This also affects the flower selection you have to choose from, which can be challenging when customers order certain products that you can't fill. This is why we're encouraging florists to narrow down their selection. Simplify the designs you offer and make sure to use the flowers you know you'll have access to. This will allow you to provide a stunning arrangement to your customers while also allowing your designers to fill orders more efficiently.

Not only will narrowing down your selection help you showcase the arrangements that feature the flowers you have access to, but it also helps with any labor concerns you might have. A lot of florists have had to scale back on the amount of staff and labor they have in their shops. By simplifying the designs, your designers can create quick, easy, and beautiful arrangements, allowing you to get through your orders easily and efficiently.

Update your prices

Since flowers are getting somewhat hard to source due to the supply chain issues, we're encouraging you to audit your prices. Update the prices of your products based on the cost of flowers in your area. This ensures that you're not losing money because of a higher flower cost.

Limit your interaction

One of the biggest challenges that many people are facing is keeping everyone safe while conducting business. The CDC has guidelines that you can follow to help keep your staff and your customers safe. Also, be sure to check if there are any restrictions currently issued in your state. If possible, limit your interactions by only offering delivery and curbside pick-up opportunities instead of in-shop pick-up. This will limit the exposure you and your staff have to consumers and will go a long way in keeping everyone safe.

Holidays can be stressful and with the uncertainty of this year, it can create even more stress. Do a few of the tips above and see how they help your shop during the upcoming holiday season!

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