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Holiday Reminders

Holiday Reminders

Holiday Reminders

Is your flower shop ready for the holidays? You know, because Christmas and the New Year are just around the corner! Here are several things to keep in mind this season.

Inside Your FSNF2F Account

  • Be sure that you have your cutoff set for when you can no longer take orders.

Website Checklist

  • If you still have product but not enough to create the exact arrangements on your website, you now have the option to set the Designer's Choice Disclaimer on your website. This button is made for holidays and is intended for high volume holiday use only. It will state: Due to current demand, we are accepting orders for Designer's Choice arrangements only. We will design a beautiful, fresh arrangement filled to the value you choose. We will begin accepting orders for specific products on xx/xx/xx.
  • If you plan on having extended holiday hours, be sure to set those. Just remember to change your hours back when the holiday is over.
  • Near the end of the holiday, FSN will initiate an email to announce when the disclaimer will be turned on. (ONLY if you have your disclaimer settings set to 'YES'; to continue accepting/guaranteeing orders through the holiday, set the disclaimer to 'NO'): Due to holiday order volume, please call "XYZ Flowers" at "888-888-8888" to discuss Christmas delivery options. At this time, online orders cannot be guaranteed for delivery on or before Christmas. However, if you accept these conditions and continue, we will process your order as soon as possible.

Happy Holidays!
If you have questions, be sure to call us at

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