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Google My Business

Did you know that Google receives a total of 5.6 billion searches per day? Many of these searches are from active shoppers ready to make a purchase. Learn how your business can rank higher and communicate effectively on search engines with Google My Business!

If your business is lacking a presence on Google's search engine results page (SERP), chances are you’re missing out on a large number of potential sales. With Google My Business profiles, analytics, and e-mail alerts, small businesses can be equipped to affordably reach engaged shoppers.

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How It Works

Google My Business is a free tool that allows users at every experience level to create and manage business profiles. It is a great resource that empowers small businesses to appear on SERP with a cohesive, organized profile that features their address, hours, phone number, and customer reviews. Additionally, with Google My Business, users can get analytics on their business profile interactions to measure its effectiveness.

Users can also get notified when a new review is posted to their Google My Business profile by enrolling in e-mail alerts. Responding to these customer reviews is a simple method to provide customer service and maintain the reputation of your company.

There are several other methods to rank higher on Google searches, such as onsite SEO, acquiring backlinks from other websites, and paid search advertising. These approaches, however, require more time, skill, and money to execute. Google My Business, on the other hand, is free, efficient, and great for beginners.

Why You Need It

Google My Business works by allowing customers to visit your website, call your company, and get directions directly from your listing. This allows search traffic to be directed efficiently and ensures that customers are directed to pages where they can potentially make purchases. Also, when users search for the name of your business, your information is relevant and ranked higher. Without Google My Business, your company may be buried under competitor sites.

Since Google occasionally changes the algorithms of its services, it’s recommended to stay educated on any new rollouts and updates of Google My Business. Business owners should still periodically ensure that all information presented in their profile is correct and updated.

Google My Business is a fantastic resource for garnering search traffic to your business pages and displaying your contact information. If you lack the time or are struggling to utilize search engines for your business, contact Flower Shop Network and ask about our Google My Business services! Our professionals not only create your Google My Business listing, but also respond to reviews and continually monitor your information.

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