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Usher in the Holiday Shoppers!
Holiday Open House Florist

Usher in the Holiday Shoppers!

Do you dream of having your flower shop packed full of customers? Make your holiday wishes come true this year by hosting an open house! As the holiday season approaches, everyone gets the itch to start buying gifts. Use this opportunity to bring in record sales, and new customers!

Offer Something Valuable

The first step in planning your holiday open house is to ask yourself the question, "What is going to draw people into my store?" The goal is to make your open house an event and not just a store that is staying open later than usual.

Here are some fun ways to draw in the holiday shoppers!

Offer a Storewide Discount

When people see a storewide sale, they come running! Announce that your flower shop is offering a 15% off storewide discount sale for one night only. Make sure to stock your store with your best-selling holiday items!

Offer Free Pictures With Santa

Many parents avoid taking their kids to the mall for pictures with Santa because of the long lines and busy crowds. Partner with a local photographer in the area to host free pictures with Santa. Post all of the pictures on your flower shop's Facebook page. Once the pictures are posted, the parents can go to your Facebook page and print the pictures. Your photographer will be able to showcase their work while getting free networking opportunities. Plus, you will get tons of new traffic to your Facebook page!

Offer Door Prizes

Everyone loves door prizes. When people enter your open house have them write their name and email address down on a card. Place all of the cards in a bowl and draw for names throughout the event. You could give away holiday flower arrangements, free delivery, coupons, or even some of your gift items.

Decorate to Sale

When you start to decorate your store for you open house, think about how to position your products. For example, if you are going to host pictures with Santa, place your best selling gift items right next to the line. Make it easy for parents to shop while they wait in line.

Remember to show your guests how much money they are saving! Keep the original prices on all of your items and cross that number out.

Make it Fun

Add holiday cheer to your open house with music, snacks and refreshments. Keep the kids happy by reading holiday stories while they wait in line for Santa or set up a table with holiday coloring books.

Spread the Word

Promote your open house about a month in advance. Start by inviting your current customers from your mail and email lists. Send out a postcard and an email with all of the details. To reach new customers, network with garden clubs, civic organizations, college sororities and church groups.

Don't forget to promote your open house on social media! Here are some fun graphics that you can save and post straight to your Facebook or Instagram page.

Have fun planning your open house! We hope you see some great sales and get new customers!

Comment below if you have any other fun open house ideas or suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

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