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Mother's Day Style Upgrade

Mother's Day Style Upgrade

If you have been offering the same flower arrangements for Mother's Day the last few years, it's time to think about changing things up! Upgrade your style this holiday season to stand out against the competition. Your loyal customers will love seeing your new fresh designs. Here are some of the latest trends that are easy to create and will give your style a quick upgrade!

Monogrammed Floral Letters

This statement piece would be an amazing edition to your shop's window display. Customers can personalize the letters with a monogram or choose to spell out, “MOM.” This beautiful artwork is a fun gift that can be displayed anywhere in the home.Here is an article by Merry Brides that takes you step-by-step on how to create these beautiful floral letters.

Ditch the Vase

Instead of using the classic vase for your Mother’s Day arrangements, ask your customers if they have anything special they would like their floral arrangement to be placed in. It could be a sentimental item like a teapot or a cookie jar, or simply a container that matches the style of their mother’s home. Going the extra mile with this special touch will show customers that you truly care about making their gift special.

Floral Wreath

(Photo courtesy from Art Decoration and Crafting)

Another alternative option to the classic flower arrangement is a blooming floral wreath. This design serves as a great gift and a beautiful spring decorative piece. Customers can choose what colors and types of flowers they would like included and you can make their vision come to life. Add beautiful ribbons and bows to complete the look.

Remember to post pictures of your new Mother’s Day designs on your website and on social media. Also have examples displayed in your shop so your customers can see what you have to offer.

These beautiful creations are guaranteed to make your shop stand out this Mother's Day! Have fun designing these beautiful arrangements for your customers.

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