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Facebook for Florists, Part 2

Facebook for Florists, Part Two

In our last post, we discussed Facebook business pages and how to effectively post on them. Facebook can be used for more than just posting, though. Advertising on Facebook is a great way to gain more traction for your business, while Insights can help you figure out the kind of posts that your audience is most responsive to. Keep reading to learn more about these great Facebook tools.

Boosted Posts vs. Facebook Ads

Through your business page, you can run advertisements on Facebook. Decide on your budget and how long you want to run your ad. Then you can set your budget for the entire campaign or for a specific amount each day. You can set your target audience, including the location, age, gender, and audience interests that you want the ad to focus on. There are two different ways you can run an advertisement on Facebook—Boosted Posts or Facebook Ads.

While similar, there are a few key differences between a Boosted Post and a Facebook Ad. When you boost a post, you decide on your target audience, your maximum budget, how long you want the ad to run, and whether to boost it on Instagram as well. Once you click Boost and the ad is approved by Facebook, users in your target audience will see your Boosted Post in their news feed for however long you’ve chosen. Boosted posts are a great way to gain more page likes, comments, and shares, and promote brand awareness.

Facebook Ads offer more control to better fit your needs, which isn’t available when you Boost a post. They are more customizable to help you reach specific goals. With an Ad, you can choose where on Facebook you want it to be placed, such as Mobile or Desktop news feeds, a sidebar ad, an ad in Facebook Messenger, and more. You can also set objectives for your ad, which will help focus your ad on your current business goal. You can choose things like store traffic, conversions, and lead generation. Your target audience can also be more specific with an Ad instead of a Boosted post. Facebook has a great help center that has a ton more in-depth information on Ads and Boosted Posts.


Facebook Insights offers you the opportunity to track the success of your business page. Located at the top of your business page, you can check the stats of your posts and your page. This includes general information about how your page is doing, as well as specifics like where your page likes come from and which posts are performing the best. The information provided can help you understand how your audience is interacting with your page and what you can do to improve.

Facebook is a great tool for florists to help promote their business to potential customers. Understanding the best way to use it can be a big help in successfully reaching your target audience on Facebook. Through the use of Ads and Insights, you’ll get more engagement and interaction in no time!

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