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Boost Your Wedding Business With Bridal Shows
Bridal Show Tips & Tricks to Boost Business

Boost Your Wedding Business With Bridal Shows

Days after the engagement, brides begin the search for upcoming bridal shows and expos. These brides are not just looking for inspiration, but come equipped with schedules and planners ready to book vendors for their big day. Bridal shows are a cost effective way to reach your target audience. See how you can book more brides and boost your wedding business by showing your flower shop at bridal shows, expos and events.

The key to being successful at a bridal show is your preparation, interaction and follow-up. At large bridal shows there might be hundreds of other vendors competing for attention. In order to stand out, careful planning is required.

Designing Your Booth

When designing the layout and theme of your booth ask yourself the question, "What will make brides want to come into my booth?" A warm and inviting atmosphere is a great place to start. Instead of sitting behind a table, create an open space where you can engage brides. Use the table as an opportunity to showcase your wedding reception centerpieces. Brides want to envision what their wedding day will look like. Show brides the many possibilities by printing out and framing bridal bouquets and centerpieces from previous weddings. Also bring a photo book that brides can flip through and see the type of work you have done. Remember to avoid cluttering your space with too many items. Crowding the space will take away from the warm and inviting atmosphere.

Collect Leads

Your time at a bridal show will be wasted if you walk away without any leads. Many vendors choose to collect leads by holding a contest or drawing. Have brides fill out a slip of paper with their contact information to enter into a drawing to win a free wedding centerpiece. Make sure you ask for their name, email address, phone number, wedding date and location.

As brides are filling out the slips of paper, engage them in conversation. Ask when their wedding date is and if they have booked a florist yet. Ask about their wedding colors and if they have any favorite flowers. These specific questions will help you make a connection with the brides and have a better understanding of where they are in the planning process. If a bride says they have already booked a florist, don't carry on the conversation for ten minutes. Move on so you can speak to as many brides as possible.

Don't Leave Brides Empty-Handed

At the end of the day, brides will sort through everything they received at the show. Sadly, most business cards, brochures and flyers will be thrown in the trash. Pass out a promotional piece that entices brides to contact you. Offer a free consultation or create a sense of urgency by listing potential consultation dates. Make sure your contact information is clearly available.

Follow-Up Quickly

The day after the bridal show, use your leads to follow-up with the interested brides you spoke with. Either send out an email or personally call each bride. Individually calling will give you the chance to build relationships and encourage brides to make their consultation appointment.

Bridal shows are a great way to advertise your flower shop to hundreds of brides! Keep in mind that some bridal shows require vendors to book several months in advance.

Start searching for bridal events near you and begin planning today!


Odesa Diones wrote on January 3, 2017 9:16 am

I agree, Bridal Show is the best to get bride's attention to your shop. Decorate appropriately.

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