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How Simply Creative is Creating Kindness

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With summer in full swing, one florist is making the most of the warm weather and good vibes! Simply Creative Flower, Fashion, & Gifts, a shop in Wheatland, WY, has been doing a Random Acts of Kindness day every month for almost 2 years. Learn more below about this amazing endeavor this shop is doing!

What made you decide to start offering the Random Acts of Kindness Day?

I was inspired to do this by my daughter and a friend who randomly took my vehicle and had a remote start installed! The feeling was so incredibly hard to put in words that I wanted to pass the feeling on to others! We need more of that in this world!

Simply Creative Team PhotoWhen did you first start offering the day?

I think we first offered this around 2 years ago. We offer it monthly and randomly through our texting service.

How does the day work?

Our customers can send a $25 fresh floral for just $20 with FREE in-town delivery. We send the date out via our texting club and get at least a dozen orders every time! We also have customers who call and pay to literally have us pick who to deliver to! So good for the soul, and it boosts sales too!

Can you talk more about the day's success and how it impacts your shop?

We, on average, do anywhere from 8-24 of these arrangements on the day of our Random Acts of Kindness. It keeps our florists busy, uses up odds and ends as a designer's choice bouquet, and creates so much goodwill in our town and amongst our customers!

What advice would you give other florists wanting to offer their own kindness day?

Get people engaged by promoting it through social media and texting clubs! Plan for that day with staff and flower buys. We purposely purchase more carnations and other flowers when we know we will do the promotion. It is just so fun! It has also added dollars to our bottom line on slow days! We all love that!

We love this idea! It's a fantastic way to connect with the community and promote your business. Amazing work, Simply Creative! You guys rock!


Janella wrote on July 31, 2022 10:22 pm

We’re always looking for new ideas and this one is a keeper LOVE IT!!

Lisa Hopaluk wrote on August 31, 2022 8:08 am

Love this idea

Genia wrote on May 16, 2023 1:08 pm

Thanks for the shoutout! how exciting! We are still doing this!

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