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Marketing to Gen Z for Florists

Marketing to Gen Z for Florists

Many businesses consider Gen Z too young to focus a marketing strategy on. This is simply not true. The oldest members of Generation Z were born in 1997, making them 22 years old as of 2019. This means that many of them are already in or about to enter the workforce, which provides a great opportunity to grow your business. They will represent 40% of consumers by 2020, and it’s reported that they have $44 billion in buying power, not including their influence on parents. We have some ideas on how you can best reach this new generation.

Have a Purpose

When it comes to Gen Z, they prefer to shop with businesses that have a purpose or support a cause. They are more environmentally, politically, and socially aware than any other generation. Let them know that your flowers are locally grown, or that a portion of your proceeds go to a charity that you love to support. The more you’re able to show that you give back, the more likely it is that Gen Z will purchase from you.

Be Authentic

Gen Zers prefer to communicate in a relaxed, relatable way, and they expect the same from businesses. This means typical sales language needs to be switched out for something a little more personal. Even though you are trying to sell them a product, it should never feel that way. Instead, opt for meaningful interactions with them.

Have a Mobile Website

Gen Z prefers using the internet on their mobile devices over a desktop. That means that your website should be optimized for mobile so that it works correctly on a phone or tablet. Luckily, Flower Shop Network’s websites are all mobile-friendly, so your website will always be seen properly, even when on mobile.

Make Your Content Short & Sweet

Due to the high volume of content that Gen Z consumes, their attention spans are very short. Avoid putting out content that is long and difficult to understand. Instead, focus on content that they want to consume, like videos. Videos are Gen Zers' favorite type of content, especially those less than 8 seconds in length. Great platforms for these are Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and Facebook stories.

Focusing your marketing on Gen Z will ensure that you continue to gain young new customers who will use your business for their flower needs. Understanding their desires will help you pinpoint marketing techniques over the next few years.

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