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Holiday Marketing 101: New Year

Holiday Marketing 101: New Year

After the holiday season, New Year often gets overlooked in terms of marketing. However, it’s a great opportunity to boost your sales going into 2020 with a little festive promotion. Ring in the new year with these marketing tactics!

Fresh Starts

In your marketing materials for this time of year, focus on your customers’ resolutions. Suggest that they make themself a priority this year and one of the best ways they can do that is by treating themself to flowers! New Year is also a great time to focus on fresh beginnings for your shop. Consider freshening up your brand and expanding your shop in a new direction for the New Year.

What’s New With You?

New Year’s Day is the perfect holiday to announce a new product and promote it big time. The perfect way to advertise? A countdown! On social media, post every day for the week leading up to New Year’s Day when you’ll make your big announcement. It’s a great way to tease your audience and get them invested in what’s coming up for your shop in the new year.

Party the Night Away

Is there a huge local New Year’s Eve party happening? Get involved and promote your flower shop! Co-sponsor the event, or offer to provide flowers with cards attached that say “Flowers provided by [your business].” This is an easy way to get your name out there so party-goers will remember you in the New Year.

Get your customers excited about your business going into the new year! With these marketing tips, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd when the ball drops.

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