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Boost Summer Sales in Your Shop
Boost Summer Sales in Your Flower Shop

Boost Summer Sales in Your Shop

Do not let your shop fall into a summer slump this year! Warmer weather means outdoor events. With the sun shining bright, the birds singing and flowers blooming everyone tends to be in a happier mood. At the beginning of summer people want to get outside and have some fun. Boost your summer sales by planning events to get these people to your shop. Here are three strategic marketing strategies that can help boost your sales this summer!

1. Sidewalk sale

Take your store outside by hosting a fun and festive sidewalk sale on a Saturday in June or July. First name your event. Naming your event will make it official and will draw more publicity through word of mouth. Then make sure to target your regular customers with an invitation to make them feel special and loved. Along with the invitation send out an email or direct mail piece that offers a certain percentage off.

Create an energetic atmosphere at your event by planning interactive activities and playing music. It's important to keep your event structured. Keep your customers entertained with drawings, games, or giveaways. For example, place a large bowl at the entrance of your sidewalk sale. Have customers fill out a card with their name, phone number and email into the bowl to enter for the chance to win a free arrangement. This is also a great way to collect additional contacts for your email list.

2. National Ice Cream Day, or “Sundae Sunday,” on July 17

There is nothing that hits the spot better on a hot summer's day than a cold ice cream cone. This year National Ice Cream Day is on July 17. On this day, offer free “floral sundaes” to get people into your shop and looking at your beautiful arrangements. The news of free ice cream will spread quickly, especially in a small town. Make sure to have plenty of coolers and ice! When customers are waiting in line have them fill out a quick card with their name, email address and phone number so you can increase your address book.

3. Host a free floral class

Showcase your shops talent to potential customers through a free workshop. Your workshop could be about how to properly care for a garden, or how to create your own flower crowns. The workshop doesn’t have to be long but make sure you are providing valuable information. Distribute discount coupons to everyone who attends the workshop that are only redeemable within the next three weeks. This coupon will let you directly see how your event increased sales.

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