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5 Minute Marketing Tips
5 Minute Marketing Tips

5 Minute Marketing Tips

Now that Mother's Day is over, you can finally take a deep breath and step away from the day-to-day operations of your business. This is the perfect time for you to evaluate your business and your marketing efforts.

When people hear the word marketing they usually feel overwhelmed because they do not know where to start. Marketing is simply the activity of creating, communicating, and delivering value to your customers. You already do this on a daily basis. When you interact with customers, announce a new arrangement, or post a Facebook status, you are marketing. Think about the way your customers perceive your business. In your daily activities are you sending a clear and consistent message about the value of your products and business to your customers?

Here are four quick marketing tips that our team has developed. We understand that you do not have time to sit down and create a 90-day marketing plan so each of our suggestions take less than five minutes. Try not to view spending time on marketing as an expense but as an investment. Invest a little bit of your time and resources now to reap large benefits later.

1.Schedule social media posts

Social media is essential to the growth of your business. Social media gives your business the opportunity to instantly connect with your customers. You can upload your latest designs, show-off your new window display, or host a contest without your customers having to come to the store to to receive this information.

Think about what you could post that would tell your brand’s story. At the beginning of each day take five minutes to schedule your post on Hootsuite. This social media tool makes managing your social media accounts fast and easy.

2. Send a handwritten thank you note to your top five clients

In the days of instant communication it is rare to receive a handwritten thank you note. A sincere thank you note can make a lasting impression on your customers. People love to feel appreciated and this small gesture will show your loyal customers that you value their business.

Here are some excellent examples of companies that sent handwritten thank you notes to get you started.

3. Add a call to action in your email signature

Include a line of text in your email signature that prompts the receiver to take action. This could be a link to your social media sites, a link to your website, or your latest blog post. Refrain from listing every possible way customers can reach you. The more links you include the less likely someone is to click on them.

4. Check to see if your website is updated and accurate

Having the wrong information posted on your website can quickly discredit your business. Take five minutes to make sure your address, store hours, phone number, and email address are all updated.

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